Disneyland Paris

Frozen Land Construction Views at Disneyland Paris From PanoraMagique on September 25th, 2023

Hi everyone!

Yesterday we took a ride on the PanoraMagique balloon for a great view of Disneyland Paris, including the Frozen construction in Walt Disney Studios Park. We had just posted an update yesterday morning from Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop with a closer look at various elements of the construction, this gives a wider view of it.

Here are photos from yesterday!

The lake is easily visible in the foreground. What I didn’t see here is much of Arendelle Castle (which is blocked in this photo by the Tower of Terror).

The construction had already gone vertical when we visited in March and took photos. A lot more has been done since then. There is no timeframe for the opening of the Frozen themed land.

Here is a closer look, including of the clock tower. We have even closer views in our update from yesterday.

And here is one last wider look.


I expect we will ride PanoraMagique once more during our visit, weather permitting (as well as Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop). During this time up, we even enjoyed watching the colorful pyro during “Dream…and Shine Brighter!”, which ends on September 30th, 2023 as part of the Disneyland Paris 30th Anniversary celebration.