Disneyland Paris

Maleficent and Evil Queen Make Distant Appearances at Disneyland Paris Halloween 2023 Instead of Meeting

Hi everyone!

Maleficent and the Evil Queen are back at Disneyland Paris for the 2023 Disney Halloween Festival, but in a distant way. They are now on the balcony of Sleeping Beauty Castle and guests will not be able to meet them. This is a bit of a head scratcher as Maleficent has been an extremely popular meet and greet character (remember the brambles?) and the Evil Queen as well. Other villains are roaming and I will post about that later.

Here is a look at how you can see Maleficent and the Evil Queen in photos from today. We will also have video.

Maleficent looks over the courtyard from the balcony of Sleeping Beauty Castle. There is no special music or smoke here, at least not today.

The stained glass of La Galerie de la Belle au Bois Dormant can be seen behind Maleficent. This means also that the balcony cannot be accessed by guests during the character appearances here.

Maleficent does switch off with the Evil Queen.

Not long later, the Evil Queen made her way to the balcony. We met her last year in the week prior to Halloween (as we did Maleficent as well), but no special pre-Halloween appearances happened this year.

The Evil Queen looks menacing.

Here is a look at the Evil Queen from above.

Just head behind Sleeping Beauty Castle and look up, you may catch a glimpse of either Maleficent or the Evil Queen. And again, there are other villains that will roam the courtyard below.

I don’t know why two very popular characters are so distant from guests this year, it will be a disappointment for many. But the roaming villains (including Cruella and Gaston) may be a hit.