shopDisney Adds Disney Wish Movie Collection Including Dolls, Plush

Hi everyone!

shopDisney added a Disney Wish collection of merchandise this week, including an Asha Singing Doll and Valentino Plush. Disney’s “Wish” is scheduled to arrive in theaters on November 22nd and is an animated musical comedy.

Here are five items from the Disney Wish collection, with additional details and items on shopDisney while they remain available.

Asha Singing Doll – Wish – 11 1/2”

Do you believe in the power of wishes? So does Asha, the lead character in Disney Animation Studios’ feature film Wish. Asha is recreated here as a highly detailed doll with styled hair, layered costume and tiny Star companion. Press the button on her back to hear her sing This Wish. She’s all you could wish for!

Valentino Plush – Wish – 13 3/4”

Valentino’s first wish may have been to be able to talk, but running a close second is his wish to get a warm hug. Inspired by Disney’s enchanting movie Wish, this cute and cuddly plush of Asha’s pet goat is beautifully detailed and includes his outfit with its very elegant collar.

Asha and Star Sketchbook Ornament – Wish

Wishes will be granted this holiday season when displaying our fully-sculpted figural ornament inspired by Disney’s animated feature Wish. Asha and her friend Star join together to make all your fondest dreams come true.

Wish Doll Set

You won’t need to wait to see if King Magnifico will grant your wish as it’s already come true. Now you can bring the magical land of Rosas to life as you create your own fantasies inspired by Disney’s highly anticipated film Wish. This set of four classic-size dolls includes the movie’s central characters: Asha, Dahlia, Queen Amaya and King Magnifico, all dressed in detailed costume plus accessories.

Star Light-Up Plush – Wish – 14”

Now you’ll have your very own wishing Star with this cute plush based on the character in Disney’s movie Wish.

And just like in the film, Star glows, transforming his normal yellow exterior to a warm fiery orange. Give Star a hug and see if he grants your wishes!


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