(Photos, Video) “Mickey and Minnie’s Holiday Party” Show on the Disney Dream – Very Merrytime Cruise 2023

Hi everyone!

The Disney Cruise Line served up some new offerings for their Very Merrytime Cruises this year, with one of those being “Mickey and Minnie’s Holiday Party”. This is a high-energy deck party show with characters that include Mickey, Minnie, Chip & Dale and Donald & Daisy in new costumes. Disney says of this show, that it features “favorite Disney friends as they celebrate friendship, love and family with a fresh mix of classic and original holiday songs during this special time of year”.

We were invited by the Disney Cruise Line to experience a Very Merrytime Cruise on the Disney Dream this year out of the new Fort Lauderdale terminal and have a video and photos to share of “Mickey and Minnie’s Holiday Deck Party”

First, here is our video of the full show.

The screen mentions Mickey & Minnie’s Holiday Party before the show started. We left dinner early to secure a spot, since it only plays once.

Mickey and Minnie arrive for the party.

Daisy, Donald, Chip and Dale also make their way down the stairs.

There are original and classic holiday songs, including “Marshmallow World” and “Run, Run, Rudolph”.

“Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” is another classic song performed.

Goofy arrives, with a letter from Max.

Mickey reads the note from Max, where he says it’s been busy but wishes his dad (Goofy) a happy holiday.

The characters are all like family, though and they dance some more.

Surprise! Max is here.

And everyone dances some more.

Max gives Goofy a hug.

Goofy and Max head offstage.

Mickey and Minnie are the last to leave.

This is a fun show but it did get very busy! We were off to the side because a large area is set aside in front of the stage for kids and then behind that, everyone else had to sit (during the Sail Away Celebration, the area was set aside for kids but we could stand behind it). So if we go on another Very Merrytime Cruise, I probably would take the upper deck as I did for Pirate Night. “Mickey and Minnie’s Holiday Party” plays very much to the front of the stage and not so much to the sides.

We have much more to come from our Very Merrytime Cruise on the Disney Dream!


While we were hosted on the Disney Dream for this cruise, all views are ours. Jeff and I have both been sailing on the Disney Cruise Line since 1998. We recommend our sponsor MEI’s Mouse Fan Travel for booking a Disney Cruise.