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(Photos, Video) Disney’s Fort Wilderness Holiday Golf Cart Parade 2023

Hi everyone!

Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground held its annual Fort Wilderness Holiday Golf Cart Parade today. The location for the parade was different than it usually is (it was on Big Pine Trail, where the Halfway to Halloween Golf Cart Parade was held this year).

The holiday golf cart parade is always much smaller than the Halloween and Fourth of July parades. It is still a fun time and campers create great cart designs. We’ve been attending and sharing it for many years. There was confusion over where the parade would be held today, so hopefully everyone eventually found the location.

Here is our video of the Fort Wilderness Holiday Golf Cart Parade, followed by photos.

A sign let guests know where to go for the Fort Wilderness Golf Cart Parade – Big Pine Trail between the 4-way stop and the 1400 loop.

A wagon came through to begin the parade. It has been quite some time since we’ve seen Disney characters in any of the parades, that was a really nice feature. A family was in the carriage, which I am sure must have been very special.

Here are some of the cart highlights! There was a Lilo & Stitch cart.

A Grogu cart was next.

It looks like a very nice homemade Grogu.

This one says Chip & Dale Burger.

There was nice artwork around the cart.

Mickey’s Jolly Gingerbread House is next, with Mickey and Minnie on top in gingerbread form.

Chip and Dale are in the roof.

This is a really nice Disney Cruise Line cart!

On the back it shows the distance to the North Pole, Port Canaveral, Nassau and Castaway Cay – and Fort Wilderness, which was  0 miles.

An “Up” house followed, inspired by the Pixar film.

Balloons sit on top.

There were a lot of pets in the parade today – some in cute costumes!

Stitch is next.

Mater was part of the parade.

And the last one I am showing is a fun “The Nightmare Before Christmas” entry.

It was fun to continue the tradition this year! The campsite guests always put a lot of effort into decorating their golf carts.