shopDisney Adds Frozen Rain Gear for Kids, Including Jacket and Boots

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shopDisney has added “Frozen” rain gear for kids – a Frozen Tie-Dye Hooded Rain Jacket, Frozen Rain Boots, and a Frozen Umbrella. The three items have a matching look to them, so they will go perfectly together! These are some of the newest “Frozen” themed items on shopDisney.

Read below for more information on Frozen Tie-Dye Hooded Rain Jacket, Frozen Rain Boots, and a Frozen Umbrella, with additional details at shopDisney while they remain available.

Frozen Tie-Dye Hooded Rain Jacket for Kids

They’ll be forever protected against eternal winters in this Frozen hooded rain jacket. Arendelle’s royal sisters, Elsa and Anna, are pictured on the front of this icy blue tie-dye coat while little Olaf’s big snowman smile will melt hearts. The full front zip and elastic cuffs will help keep them nice ‘n dry.

Frozen Rain Boots for Kids

Let ’em go! Frozen sisters Anna and Elsa will help your young one take stormy weather in their stride with these waterproof boots.

Spring showers may cover the flowers, but little feet will stay warm and dry.

Frozen Umbrella for Kids

Elsa the Snow Queen reigns on this umbrella along with her royal sister Anna and their chilly companion Olaf. The icy blue design of this kids’ umbrella is covered in snowflakes, so it’s sure to melt the hearts of your Frozen fan as they head out on a rainy day.


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