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(Photos, Video) Chalk Full of Character Scavenger Hunt Returns to EPCOT International Festival of the Arts 2024 with New and Returning Characters

Hi everyone!

EPCOT International Festival of the Arts kicked off yesterday for 2024! One of our favorite activities at the festival is Chalk Full of Character, which is a scavenger hunt around the park. We have photos and video of the various character decals you can find in World Showcase (we did miss one new addition but have everything else we could find yesterday). This activity is free! There are no prizes, but you can enjoy it for no cost.

I don’t know if there will be more decals coming, but usually we find more added as the festival progresses.

Here is our video from yesterday, followed by photos.

This sign mentions Chalk Full of Character, which is not chalk but decals/stickers around World Showcase of various characters. It also mentions Jiminy Cricket here, but we didn’t find him in Italy yesterday. That doesn’t mean he won’t show up, it isn’t unusual for decals to be applied after the beginning of the festival.

Figment is on the sign.

While there are some new characters to find in World Showcase, there are many returning ones as well. Koda from “Brother Bear” is back in his usual spot in Canada.

He holds a fish next to the water.

In the United Kingdom, there is one returning character and some new ones (there are also decals that were not here that usually are – the “Robin Hood” characters).

Peter Pan’s shadow is back in the pavilion.

Just look up! This isn’t his usual spot, that area is being refurbished. But it is a perfect one.

New this year are characters from “The Great Mouse Detective”, including Basil Rathbone, Professor Ratigan and Fidget.

Here the characters are, closer up.

Back this year are Merlin and squirrels from “The Sword in the Stone”.

Merlin is a squirrel here.

In the France pavilion, we found Remy and Emile back.

Emile holds a tasty treat.

We have seen Remy in the past scurrying up a pipe. Here, he runs along the ledge. Characters we did not see this year are the Aristocats and Lumiere.

Abu has returned to Morocco.

Duffy and Gelatoni are in their same location in the Japan pavilion, outside the Mitsukoshi Department Store.


They create a painting of Mickey  Mouse.

Chef from “Monster’s Inc” is also in the Japan pavilion.

New is Meeko with Flit from “Pocahontas” at the American Adventure.

Flit hands Meeko a treat (and nearby, you can order Hummingbird Cake this year from The Artist’s Table food studio). Synergy!

Luca, Alberto, Machiavelli the cat and Pinchy-Pessa from “Luca” are back in the Italy pavilion. Around the corner used to be Jiminy Cricket, we will see if he returns.

Machiavelli is a mood.

Pinchy-Pessa can be easy to miss.

In Germany, Pascal from “Tangled” is back in his usual locations. He paints a sun here.

He hides in the “Clocks and Crafts” signage.

And he can be seen to the right here at Karamell-Küche.

He sticks his tongue out for some caramel corn.

The rest of the characters I will show also are returning and at their usual locations, including Mushu and Cri-Kee from “Mulan”.

Little Brother from “Mulan” is behind a bench. Get here early to see him! Guests are often on the bench once the park gets busier. Actually, enjoying this activity early is my recommendation.

Bruni from “Frozen 2” is in the fireplace in Norway.

The Snowgies are also in Norway, near the restrooms.

And in Mexico, Dante from “Coco” can again be seen twice.

We plan to be back at EPCOT in early February and we will post anything else we may find!

We are continuing our coverage of EPCOT International Festival of the Arts 2024 this weekend and then will continue early next month when we return from a trip.