Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris in the Snow – Over 30 Photos From Today (January 18th, 2024)

Hi everyone!

Snow fell last night over Disneyland Paris! We flew into France yesterday morning and made it just in time for the first snowfall of the season. We enjoyed taking a LOT of photos and video today of the snow.

I am sharing just over 30 photos here now but we took at least 1500 and will post more at a later date.

When we arrived to the Disneyland Paris property, there was snow over the sidewalk prior to security (it melted later).

The snowy roof of the Disneyland Hotel is in view. We are booked to stay there for opening night next Thursday and I can’t wait to share it!

The snow surrounded the iconic Mickey Mouse clock.

The Mickey Mouse floral was covered in snow.

Here is a look at the ground.

The Disneyland Hotel and walkway look beautiful through the fence.

We were very happy to see snow today and were about to head inside Disneyland Park for more.

The snow surrounds the topiary near the entrance to Disneyland Park.

Here is a snowy scene with Sleeping Beauty Castle.

We had a photo taken with Sleeping Beauty Castle in the background.

The walkways still were snow covered.

It isn’t often you see palm trees with snow.

We went to Frontierland next.

Welcome to Thunder Mesa.

Big Thunder Mountain looked beautiful. It was not running, I am not sure if it ran at all today. Many of the outdoor attractions were closed. We did ride the Casey Jr. Circus Train.

Next we headed toward Phantom Manor.

And we could still see Big Thunder Mountain in another direction.

The Last Chance Cafe was not open but did have a lovely coat of white around it.

Here is a view of Skull Rock.

Toad Hall restaurant in the snow.

The topiaries were covered.

A duck walks through the snow covered grass.

Casey Jr. was one of the only outdoor attractions we saw open.

We met Piglet and Rabbit.

We also stopped for Gepetto and Pinocchio. The lines were not long for most characters.

We noticed the Penguins roaming in Fantasyland, they were creating a snowball!

And then they turned the snowball into a snowman.

They left it behind and we posed with it.

Here is a look from when we left the park in the afternoon. There was still a lot of snow in some areas. It will be very cold tonight and we do expect to see some of it still there tomorrow.

We also went to Walt Disney Studios Park after dining at Rosalie and took some pictures, but we’ll share those at another time (along with more photos, as well as video). It was a very special experience to enjoy a snowy Disneyland Paris today!