Disneyland Paris

(Photos) Disneyland Hotel in the Snow as it Nears Royal Reopening at Disneyland Paris

Hi everyone!

The Disneyland Hotel at Disneyland Paris will open this Thursday (January 25th, 2024) after being closed for several years for a royal transformation. We did book opening night! And this past week, there was a beautiful snowfall that covered the roofs and landscaping of the hotel. I took photos on several days, including the day it snowed (January 18th).

On Thursday morning, we walked into a winter wonderland! Snow was still on some walkways, including the entrance to Disneyland Paris from the bus station.

The Disneyland Hotel roof comes into view here, with snow covering much of it.

The iconic Mickey Mouse clock is still here after the renovation, and looks even more beautiful surrounded by the snow.

The Mickey floral was also covered and looking very frosty.

There was a fence up so guests couldn’t walk down to the usual photo area.

We were actually in a bit of a hurry (for the Disneyland AP Pop-Up Surprises, which I’ll write about soon), but I could have photographed here for hours. The snow made Fantasia Gardens look even more gorgeous.

The benches have been pretty to look at but not as much for sitting.

The roofs were covered, but even yesterday (Saturday) the accumulated snow was still sticking to some because of how cold it has been. We entered the park yesterday with 21 degrees Fahrenheit!

Here is a closer look at the Mickey floral on Thursday.

We posed for a photo with the Disneyland Hotel in view.

The gazebo looks lovely in the snow.

Yesterday – Saturday – snow still lingered. These last few photos are from the afternoon.

Snow can still be seen on the rooftop and the ground.

We booked a Deluxe room with terrace for Thursday, which wouldn’t have been too inviting on such a cold day. It is actually going to warm up a bit this week into the 50s.

And the gazebo? Still snowy. But today starts the warming up trend for the week, so I don’t expect to see snow much longer.

What do you think of the Disneyland Hotel in the snow? It has been extra magical to be in the parks this week. I have taken so many photos!

We look forward to sharing all about the Disneyland Hotel later this week.