Disneyland Paris

Piglet and Rabbit Meet and Greet with Snow at Disneyland Paris 2024 (Photos, Video)

Hi everyone!

We met Piglet and Rabbit in the snow at Disneyland Paris last week! There had been a beautiful snowfall very early that morning, and Piglet even took some snow and threw it up into the air. We have photos and video to share.

First, here is our video meet with Piglet and Rabbit with the snow.

Piglet and Rabbit were meeting near the Casey Jr. Circus Train, which did run on the day the snow fell. A lot of outdoor attractions did not open. We have met various characters down here by the gate previously, including Cheshire Cat during the Halloween season and other Winnie the Pooh characters.

It was fun experiencing characters with the snow, including Piglet and Rabbit.

Piglet and Rabbit hug.

They were very playful on this day.

Piglet took some snow and threw it up in the air.

The landscaping behind Piglet and Rabbit was covered in snow, as was much of the Disneyland Paris landscape for several days as the temperatures were very cold.

Here is one last photo of Piglet and Rabbit.

Everything we did was a lot more magical with snow. And the lines were not bad for most of the characters, including Piglet and Rabbit since it’s more of an off-season right now.