Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Hotel Readies for Thursday Opening at Disneyland Paris (We Get a Peek at Mickey & Minnie in Windows)

Hi everyone!

It is now only two days until the Disneyland Hotel at Disneyland Paris opens after a royal reimagining, on January 25th, 2024! And last night, I took some photos as we went into the park to enjoy Disney Dreams and Magic Over Disney. It has been a number of years since there has been such light and life to the Disneyland Hotel. We even caught a glimpse of Mickey and Minnie in the windows of the Royal Banquet restaurant.

Jeff and I are booked for opening night and will have articles and videos, including reviews of the restaurants and an overview of the Deluxe lounge offerings – and much more.

Fantasia Gardens is always beautiful, but even more so now at night now that the Disneyland Hotel is about to open. Cast Members are currently having test stays (which I did back when I was a Cast Member at Walt Disney World, staying at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge).

On the park side of the Disneyland Hotel, we could see up to the Royal Banquet restaurant.

Minnie Mouse came to the window and looked out. We did see her a number of times but my camera wasn’t ready for photos at first. Mickey is behind her. We also noticed Donald and Daisy in the background at one point.

These royal costumes are exclusive to the Disneyland Hotel.

Here is a closer look at Minnie.

And Mickey was making the round as well as diners were enjoying their meals.

Here is a look at the concept art for Mickey and Minnie in the Royal Banquet restaurant.

Mickey and Minnie at the Royal Banquet Restaurant - Disneyland Hotel Concept Art at Disneyland Paris

It seems like the Disneyland Hotel restaurants are currently just for Disneyland Hotel guests. Originally I had read that lunch at the Royal Banquet would be possible for other Disneyland hotel guests but I have not seen that come to fruition yet.

The Royal Banquet restaurant is a buffet and replaces the former Inventions restaurant, which was an upscale character buffet (which we dined at many times).

Hopefully I will have my review of the restaurant up on Thursday! We look forward to dining there.