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Dining Review: Brasserie Rosalie for Breakfast Shines in Disney Village at Disneyland Paris

Hi everyone!

Brasserie Rosalie at Disneyland Paris officially opened on December 8th, 2023 as part of the Disney Village transformation, and it has become my new favorite Disneyland Paris restaurant! We dined at Brasserie Rosalie four times for dinner, twice for breakfast and multiple times at the counter location during our two-week trip this past month.

I will have three separate articles for the three dining experiences. Breakfast at Brasserie Rosalie is a quicker, express breakfast (though not always quick) and I am not showing photos around the restaurant in this article. I am saving that for the lunch/dinner review – that will be much more comprehensive. And unlike Brasserie Rosalie lunch/dinner reservations, I don’t see reservations for breakfast online.

Here is our review of Brasserie Rosalie for breakfast at Disneyland Paris!

We were seated in two different locations during our two visits in the “outside” area, which we always asked for. It isn’t outside, but it is like an indoor terrace. Guests looking to dine at Brasserie Rosalie often try to enter the restaurant using the doors here (to the left, and there are other doors as well), but there is only one entrance/exit.

The photos are a combination of our two Brasserie Rosalie breakfast experiences. This was the view from one of our tables. This area is very nice to sit in on a beautiful day or evening. The music played in the background is lovely, including pop standards but in a different way that sets a relaxed tone. I love the atmosphere out here.

Breakfast at Brasserie Rosalie is served from 8:30 a.m. through 10:30 a.m. There are three menu options: Express for 8.50 €, Gourmand for 13 €, and Rosalie for 18 €. There are also à la carte items, including items that are part of the three menus but also items that are not.


On the back of the  menu, there are a variety of drinks. If you add up the prices on the menus, you’ll see ordering items à la carte like hot chocolate will not be your best value. You may as well go for the Express menu, which I find a great deal (my favorite menu is Gourmand). The juice here is freshly squeezed, and I was told by a server that the hot chocolate is from the famous Angelina in Paris.  It mentions Angelina about the tea here. The company that runs Brasserie Rosalie runs Angelina as well (and the Royal Pub in Disney Village and other locations in Paris).

A couple of days earlier than our first Brasserie Rosalie breakfast, we joined friends for the Hotel Cheyenne breakfast in the Chuck Wagon Café, which cost more than our breakfast here and I didn’t find much I cared to eat. The food at Brasserie Rosalie is high quality and delicious (we paid for all of our meals, this wasn’t an invite). That said, there are no potatoes, bacon or yogurt, some items that guests may want.

The hot chocolate is delicious. During lunch/dinner, I received an Angelina biscuit on the side.

Portion sizes can fluctuate. The baguettes during our second visit were much bigger, but both times they were ample. We received Andrésy à l’Ancienne jams. Andrésy à l’Ancienne jams are artisanal. During one breakfast, we received one jam each, and the next time we received two. I think one each of a different type is plenty so we can share.

Jeff ordered the Rosalie with a croissant each time. The pastries are light, flaky and delicious.

We both ordered the Rosalie during our first visit, but I didn’t find the 5 € extra eggs upcharge worth it for me from the Gourmand price – but Jeff did (and a friend of ours did as well).

The fruit cup that came with it included apple, grapes and pineapple. This was a very nice side, something a little lighter.

Here is a look at our freshly squeezed orange juice. It is 15 cl, so not a lot – but very good orange juice. You can always supplement it with “une carafe d’eau” (a carafe of tap water), as well as the hot drink that comes with the menus.

We even received a bread basket next to all this bread. And we ate some of it, although I think they don’t need to bring it out unless asked for.

A friend of ours ordered the sugar brioche roll as an addition for 4.50 €. He cut it up into several bites so we could all try it. I recommend! The sugar has a nice crunch to it.

Instead of the standard hot chocolate, he ordered the Viennese hot chocolate. While I probably will prefer the rich hot chocolate, I am a big fan of whipped cream and may try it next time.

During our last visit (after four dinners and during the second breakfast), we received this card with the name and contact information of Brasserie Rosalie.

I mentioned earlier that breakfast isn’t necessarily fast – it took a while for us to receive our receipt especially at the end both times. So if I was in a hurry, I would ask for the receipt with the meal.

I actually cook often in our Hotel Relais Spa room and don’t need breakfast most of the time, but the two visits were like a luxury. I recommend dining at Brasserie Rosalie for breakfast as long as you don’t mind not having some items like sausage, bacon and yogurt. It really is a treat (and dinner was even better). And we brought some of our bread in a takeout bag (and lunch/dinner leftovers in a box).