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First Look: Disney’s Grand Floridian Easter Egg Display 2024, Including “Beauty and the Beast” 3D Egg

Hi everyone!

The decorated chocolate Easter eggs at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort are now on display! The eggs were put out early this morning, and were a surprise and delight for guests waking up at the hotel.

We have photos of most of the new eggs in this article and a full video tour. Tomorrow, we’ll have a more extensive article (including an interview with Chef Ally), as well as a look at the Grand Cottage treats. The pastry team Cast Members are so immensely talented.

First, here is our full video tour of Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort’s Easter Egg Display for 2024.

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort is not only known for its iconic Gingerbread House at the holidays, but also for its beautiful chocolate Easter Egg display each year.

One of the more impressive creations is the Kakamora from “Moana”!

There are even at least two hidden Mickeys.

The Pastry team Cast Member who created the egg is noted for each. In this instance, Fabi created it, and says that she has always loved “Moana” and was inspired by a visit to Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort.

There is a “action” area where a pastry artist will showcase their talents.

This is called “The Art of Cocoa Butter Painting”.

The characters on the egg are all from Pixar films, including Kevin, Buzz Lightyear, and Dug.

The various characters are shown drawn in on the egg on this side.

The cocoa butter is ready for painting.

Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway is next.

Mickey and Minnie are painted on the egg.

Just as in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, handprints and footprints are here (but for Minnie, Mickey and Donald).

The back of the egg features fireworks, Chuuby and Mickey and Minnie with Pluto in a “perfect picnic”.

This beautiful egg features Snow White, Cinderella and Princess Aurora, including pencil test scenes.

We were told that these bunnies are new every year.

This carton of eggs features Disney Villains, including Lotso and Ursula.

Yzma as a cat holds an Easter egg.

This revolving “Beauty and the Beast” 3D egg is very popular and so beautifully decorated, featuring Belle and Beast.

The rose is inside.

Al’s Toy Barn is also a fantastic entry.

An “Aladdin” egg display includes Jasmine.

This “Onward” egg is stunning!

The “Onward” egg can be seen also from the back.

A dragon hatches from an egg.

This giant egg is inspired by “James and the Giant Peach”.

These eggs are inspired by Pixar’s “Elemental”.

This is a fun egg, with various Disney snacks!

We will post more about Disney’s Grand Floridian Easter egg display tomorrow, including our video tour and interview with Chef Ally.