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Cast Member Pin Trading Returns to Walt Disney World, Including New ‘Hidden Disney’ Pins

Hi everyone!

Cast Member pin trading has returned to Walt Disney World, with many Cast Members wearing lanyards or hip packs of pins to trade with guests. Disney invited us to trade, gaving us a starter set of pins, as well as a 5-pack of new ‘Hidden Disney’ pins that you can look for while trading. The Hidden Disney pins are currently not for sale (keep reading for more information on that), and we were told there were five sets of five Hidden Disney pins available to look for.

Disney pin trading will turn 25 years old later this year! I still remember trading for the first time that year. The Millennium Celebration was such an exciting time.

We stopped to trade yesterday with a Cast Member in front of the Crystal Palace at the Magic Kingdom. She had a few Hidden Disney pins, as well as others.

Disney Cast Member trading pins

One of the pins – the Davy Crockett pin – is among the first pins that would have been traded back in 1999, as part of the Countdown to the Millennium Series from the Disney Store. This pin also has an error and was reissued later (the “Davy Crockett” series came out in 1954). So keep a lookout on fun pins from Cast Members! There is a story behind some of them.

Disney Pins

I received this 5-pack Hidden Disney set, which includes Chernabog, R2-D2 and Stitch. The Disney pins feature a Mickey icon. The “Star Wars” pins feature a Rebel Alliance icon. And the Pixar pins feature a Pixar ball icon.

Hidden Disney pin set, including Chernabog, Stitch and R2-D2

Another Hidden Disney set includes Vampire Stitch, Scar and a “The Little Mermaid” ear hat pin.

Disney Hidden Disney pins, including Vampire Stitch,

This Hidden Disney pin set includes Easter Stitch, an Ursula pin and a “Cinderella” themed ear hat pin.

Hidden Disney pin featuring Easter Stitch, Ursula and a "Cinderella" ear hat pin

I traded off this “Winnie the Pooh” starter pin set. There are a couple of Disney Pin Trading Starter Sets currently at the Disney Store, but you will find more in the parks.

Disney Winnie the Pooh starter set

Disney says:

Later this year, a retail mystery pouch will be available with the original five pins, plus a sixth pin in each set — known as a “chaser” pin. For those who love an even bigger challenge, within the retail mystery pouch there will be a NEW element this year with the introduction of a “super chaser” pin in one particular set — an even rarer find!  

We enjoyed pin trading yesterday with Cast Members! It is great to see the tradition of Cast pin trading start back up. There has been pin trading with Cast Members on pin boards across property, but this expands upon that substantially and brings back a guest-favorite activity.

Here are the Guidelines for Disney Pin Trading as found on the Walt Disney World website.

Guests can enjoy the tradition of pin trading with Cast Members who wear lanyards or pin packs across Walt Disney World Resort. When you are trading Disney pins at Walt Disney World Resort, please follow our etiquette guidelines:

  • Official Disney Pins
    Only official Disney pins may be traded. The main criteria when judging whether a pin is tradable or not (although other factors may be considered) is that the metal pin bears a “©Disney” mark on the back—representing an official Disney event, place, location, character or icon. A Walt Disney World Resort Cast Member may determine not to trade a pin at their discretion.
  • Safety
    For a safe trading experience, please trade one pin at a time.
  • Ask First
    Please refrain from touching the pin or lanyard of a Cast Member or Guest. If you need a closer look, kindly ask the Cast Member or Guest wearing the pin or lanyard to bring it into clearer view for you.
  • Pin Condition
    Pins should be in good, undamaged, tradable condition with the pin backing attached.
  • Trading Maximum
    Guests may trade a maximum of 2 pins per Cast Member or trading board, per day.
  • Not Exchangeable for Trade
    Monies, gifts, vouchers or receipts may not be exchanged or used to trade for a pin.
  • Okay to Trade
    • When trading with a Cast Member, Guests should offer a pin that is not currently displayed on the Cast Member’s lanyard or trading board.
    • Pins from other business units of The Walt Disney Company (e.g., ABC, ESPN) may be traded, as determined by the Cast Member.
    • Operating participant pins that show a Disney, Disneyland Resort or Walt Disney World Resort affiliation are generally accepted for trading.
  • Not Okay to Trade
    • Unauthorized pins, plastic pins, rubber pins or other nonmetal pins.
    • Personalized name pins
    • Brooch-style or clasp pins
    • Disney Service Award pins, Disney Legacy Award pins, Partners in Excellence pins or Cast Member costume pins (i.e., VIP Tour Guide, Coordinator, Disney Trainer)


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