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Star Tours Collectible Key to Release at Disneyland Paris on May 4th, 2024

Hi everyone!

A Star Tours Attraction Collectible Key will be the next attraction key at Disneyland Paris. The key releases on May 4th, 2024 (Star Wars Day), but you do have to book a ticket through Lineberty ahead of time. This is a limited edition of 1987, when Star Tours first opened. Captain Rex is on the key, and it looks like a StarSpeeder at the bottom (which is blocked some in the photo provided).

Read below for all the details on obtaining the Star Tours key!

Star Tours Collectible Key at Disneyland Paris

Photo copyright Disneyland Paris

To all travelers, light speed!

The Star Tours Attraction collectible key will be released on Friday, 4 May 2024. A limited edition 1987 – 29€. Book your digital ticket on the Lineberty ticketing website https://web.lineberty.net/ next Thursday, 2 May at 6 PM.

Star Tours Collectible Key at Disneyland Paris

“Last chance” tickets on Friday, 3 May at 6 PM. The sale will take place at Star Traders – Disneyland Park – starting 9 AM on 4 May with a limit of 2 units per digital ticket. Original Lineberty ticket required (screenshots, screen sharing and videos are not accepted).

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