Disney Lorcana ‘Ursula’s Return” Select Game Products Available for Preorder at Disney Store

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Disney Lorcana “Ursula’s Return” Booster Tray, Illumineer’s Quest – Deep Trouble, and Illumineer’s Trove are now available for preorder at the Disney Store, with an expected release date of May 31st, 2024. The Disney Store says, “Celebrate the rise of the fourth installment by purchasing select products during a limited release”.

Read below for more information on each of the items, with additional details at the Disney Store while they remain available.

Disney Lorcana Trading Card Game by Ravensburger – Ursula’s Return – Booster Tray

The excitement builds! Customize your Disney Lorcana Trading Card Game by Ravensburger deck with abilities and powers that go beyond starter decks with the Ursula’s Return booster tray filled with 24 packs. Each pack features 12 random cards including common and uncommon cards, a foil card and two rare, super rare or legendary cards. Get ready to unleash new powers, meet mysterious yet familiar characters and create awesome, limitless adventures – but you won’t know what new possibilities await you in each pack until you open it. With an epic total of 288 cards, it is a legendary gift for your favorite player or collector.


Disney Lorcana Trading Card Game by Ravensburger – Ursula’s Return – Illumineer’s Quest – Deep Trouble

Beware the sea witch! Illumineer’s Quest – Deep Trouble, the thrilling new Disney Lorcana Trading Card Game experience, pits you against Ursula and her entangled glimmers. Take on Ursula’s forces solo or with a friend, as you try your hand at four difficulty levels. You can also add up to two more friends with any standard Disney Lorcana decks. Dive in, Illumineer, and be on guard, for Ursula is as cunning as ever and plays by her own rules—and with her own all-new special deck.

Disney Lorcana Trading Card Game by Ravensburger – Ursula’s Return – Illumineer’s Trove

Discover a trove to rival even Ariel’s secret grotto of treasures: the ultimate Disney Lorcana Trading Card Game collection for both collectors and players. The Ursula’s Return Illumineer’s Trove includes a full-art storage box, two deck boxes, eight booster packs, a player’s guide and more. The player’s guide offers a look into the realm of Lorcana as well as a complete visual guide to all the cards in Disney Lorcana: Ursula’s Return. Also included are deckbuilding tips and game strategies. An epic find, it is a trove any Illumineer, or mermaid, would treasure.


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