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Disneyland Paris Pins for June 2024 Revealed, Including Disney Pride and “Inside Out 2”

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Disneyland Paris pins for June 2024 have been revealed! There are a lot of fun pins this month, including Disneyland Paris pride pins, Toy Story Alien pins, Inside Out 2 pins and much more. Let’s take a look at the various pins coming for June!

The pins for the month start out with pride! There are a variety of Disney Pride pins, with a couple of them mentioning Disneyland Paris as well. Most of the pins feature Mickey in one form or another, and Stitch is also on one pin. Some pins are open edition, others limited to 500 each and a Lineberty reservation needs to be made for those.

On June 8th, there are a number of Toy Story Alien pins cosplaying as other Pixar characters – Woody and Jessie; Carl and Russell; Sully and Boo; Mr. Incredible and Edna Mode; and Sadness and Anger. There is also a lanyard and a Buzz Lightyear pin, which is shown on the second part of the sheet below.

The Toy Story Alien cosplaying as Buzz Lightyear is on June 8th as well. On June 15th, there are Disney princess pins – Jasmine; Pocahontas; Cinderella; Snow White and Princess Aurora. The following day, on June 16th, there is a Father’s Day pin featuring Judy and Stu Hopps. This pin is limited to 700 (Lineberty).

Rounding out the month, there are four Inside Out 2 pins – Embarrassment with Sadness; Anger with Ennui; Disgust and Fear with Envy; and Joy with Anxiety. The four new emotions join the classic ones! There is also a lanyard. And on June 22nd, Tinker Bell is on one pin and the King of Hearts on another. June 29th brings a Spider-Man lanyard.

Pin Trading Time is at Disney Davy Crockett Ranch on June 28th, 2024 (Lineberty).

Here is a look at the full sheet.

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