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6/17 Denise’s Corner – Finding Disney in Unexpected Places

Hi everyone!

We returned Tuesday from Washington D.C., which is an annual trip for me to enjoy and assist with Flag Day events for the foundation my father runs. I thought I’d be getting away from all things Disney – well, except for Twitter and Facebook!  Instead, it seemed like we ran into Disney references and displays at every turn.

My dad and stepmom have attended two "Stand Up for Heroes" events for the Bob Woodruff foundation, this month.  When we arrived to their house, a signed copy of Lee Woodruff's book "In an Instant: A Family's Journey of Love and Healing" was waiting for me. I've been planning to buy the book, which deals with Bob Woodruff's injury in Iraq as a journalist, and the path their lives took when an explosive device nearly ended his life. As I opened to first page, I learned something that I'd not known about the tragedy earlier. When Lee Woodruff first heard the news about her husband, she was staying with their family at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge, and likened her feeling that morning to riding the Tower of Terror.  She even thought about how she'd promised her kids that they'd ride "Soarin'".  Disney is one of the sponsors of the "Stand Up for Heroes" events, which raise money and awareness for the needs of service members, veterans and their families.


Lee Woodruff's Book

We took a day to enjoy some of the museums in the city. At the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, a photo of Walt Disney sits on the wall as he poses with Saturn V program manager, Wernher von Braun and a model featured in Disney's "Man and the Moon".  And in another area of the museum that showcases airline travel, a variety of suitcases filled with destination souvenirs includes one brimming with Disney vacation mementos.   While enjoying one last museum exhibit, I sat to relax with a showing of "Plane Crazy" in a corner of the room.            


Walt and von Braun 


Suitcase of Disney Souvenirs                                                  

We worked our way later that afternoon through the Smithsonian Museum of American History, finding a pristine Dumbo ride vehicle from 1960's Disneyland. We've ridden Dumbo quite a bit at Walt Disney World over the past year to take photos and videos of the Fantasyland expansion, and I had not expected to find Dumbo in Washington D.C.! 



We also enjoyed a display of original Muppets which featured two Kermit the Frogs, and watched clips of wartime shorts, which included Disney and other popular cartoons and characters from that time (most recognizable to this day).




Wartime Cartoons                                                                                                                    

We returned home Tuesday night, and went to the Magic Kingdom on Thursday morning to photograph and videotape the changes over the past week for our update.


Main Street Confectionery

I received one question this week, though it's about Universal Studios and not Walt Disney World. Remember you can send your questions to and find me on Twitter and Facebook! I've answered questions online about Disney for nearly 20 years, and am a College of Disney Knowledge graduate, spending 6 years as a Disney specialist travel agent.  I also am in the parks 3 – 4 times per week!

Q:  Are there any good package deals for Universal Studios to see the Harry Potter addition?

This question came from Virginia, and I have great news for those who live there and have a Costco membership (I don't know that this deal is only in Virginia, but it's not sold in our local Costco warehouses in Orlando).  We paid a visit in Costco while away, and saw a ticket to Universal that allows for 3 days within 2 years for only $135.00.  I have a friend who bought one this past year,  it's a great deal for anyone who wants to spend a few days in the Universal parks.  Of course, there are annual passes as well as packages that include the beautiful Universal resorts and offsite hotels, but I'm actually a little disappointed we didn't pick up the Costco tickets while there!  It would probably be our best bet since we only go once or twice per year (we just went to see the new Harry Potter section of Islands of Adventure and loved it).  I plan to write an article about that visit soon.


The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Have a wonderful weekend!  I am hoping to have interview questions answered for next week about Rapunzel's induction as the 10th Disney princess (in London!)