Denise's Corner

12/1 Mickey Mouse Club Quilt to be Auctioned Tonight at Disneyana Fan Club Event

Hi everyone!

I wanted to post about this beautiful quilt that will be auctioned tonight at the Disneyana Fan Club event in Orlando, Florida. It was a labor of love for Barbara J. Schneid, who took photos of the original Mousesketeers through the years, and stiched them together as part of this 48×40 quilt. The auction will raise money for the Annette Funicello Fund for Neurological Research

I had the opportunity to see this quilt when it was not quite finished, and it is very detailed! Each current photo has a corresponding photo from the 1950’s show. I love the original Mickey Mouse Club, and this is a wonderful gift for any fan.


Barbara has a website where she talks a little more about the quilt, and an Etsy Store where she sells other quilts! She often does custom work as well.