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Expanded BoardWalk Bakery Opens at Walt Disney World – Photos, Review


Hi everyone!

The expanded BoardWalk Bakery at Walt Disney World opened yesterday, after months of renovations. A Cast Member told me that they were glad to be back inside the permanent location as opposed to the tent that had been set up outside. For those who have never been to the BoardWalk Bakery, it’s not far from the ESPN Club – and just a few minute walk from the Epcot International Gateway.

There are two entrances to the BoardWalk Bakery now, on one side guests can use their Refillable Mugs for self-serve soda, tea, coffee and hot chocolate.  Up until now, I don’t think there was any counter service location at the Walt Disney World BoardWalk Resort that allowed for self-service drinks.


Most guests probably never realize there is a pun in the window, “Hue G. Krazont”. The sign below it says that items are “Fresh Baked Morning, Noon and Night!” For those who have asked me, the BoardWalk Bakery hours are 6:30 a.m. – 11:00 p.m. The morning breakfast rush can be very busy, but guests are usually at the parks in the late morning until dinnertime, so the bakery is much less crowded then.


There is a second entrance for guests who would like to make food and beverage purchases.



It wasn’t too hard to find the entrance with all the signage (and the Cast Member standing outside!)



The bakery looks completely different and is twice the size – for those who remember the BoardWalk Bakery previously, it was an extremely small location. Now there won’t be as much standing outside for guests, since a nice queue has been added. The BoardWalk Bakery is themed after the 1920’s Jersey shore.


Pastries are still the star of the show here, but an expanded menu makes it easier to enjoy a meal (and a delicious dessert as well!)




There are three salads – one includes Mixed Greens, Apples, Dried Cranberries, Goat Cheese and Pomegranate Vinaigrette. The salad in the photo here includes Baby Spinach, Pickled Shallots, Prosciutto, Pecans, and Tomatoes with a Soft Boiled Egg. Salads range between $6.29 and $8.29, and an additional $3.00 for grilled chicken or shrimp.


The Maine Lobster Sandwich with Buttered Chive Mayo on a Split Top Roll is $15.99. I don’t eat lobster, but the Cast Member told me it was claw meat.


The Herb Pork Loin Sandwich is topped with Creamy Apple Slaw on a Kaiser Roll for $8.99.

The Daily Special board included Quiche of the Day with Soup or Salad.

We wanted to try something new to us, and I’ve had Tomato Basil soup on property before. Next to this was Mac and Cheese for kids.


Desserts! Glancing inside the case reminds me of the film Impressions de France at Epcot (or when I’ve visited Paris), there are so many delicious choices. We did purchase an Oreo cupcake to split, but I had a harder choice deciding on a second dessert.

Mickey Mouse themed cakes are here, wonderful for a quick birthday surprise!


I was asked on Twitter if the Strawberry Cupcakes are still here – and they are. I have never tried one, maybe next time!

Desserts include a Mickey Oreo Tart, Eclair, Lemon Meringue Tart and much more! The Disney Parks Blog lists many of the items that are new, although the bakery has had eclairs in the past (maybe it’s a fancier one!)




Refillable mugs can be purchased and refilled during a length of stay. Individually priced cups are also available.

Guests order over the food counter, and then pay here. Food was delivered to me after I paid, in 3 separate boxes.


We purchased a Roast Beef Sandwich with Provolone Cheese, with Lettuce and Tomato & Horseradish Mayo, along with the Smoked Turkey Sandwich with Vine Ripe Tomatoes and Leaf Lettuce. The sandwiches come with either Potato Chips or Cucumber Salad, so I chose one of each. The sandwiches are all wrapped nicely, and one included a BoardWalk sticker. Our desserts were the Oreo Cupcake, and a White Chocolate Cheesecake Brownie.



The Roast Beef Sandwich ($8.99) looks good, doesn’t it? My only issue is that the horseradish mayo overpowered it. I think the mayo should be optional on the side or customizable. The sides that come with it are truly individual sized, the Cucumber Salad was in a cup that reminds me of something you’d put ketchup in on a salad bar. The potato chips are in a 1 oz bag, not the handmade chips found elsewhere on property.

On the other hand, the Smoked Turkey Sandwich ($8.99)  is very plain – the sign said that the bread was country white, but it wasn’t soft. The sandwich was still tasty, but I would prefer the bread to be a multigrain or similar. The meat inside the sandwiches are generously portioned compared with some other restaurants we’ve visited on property, we could have split on sandwich and a dessert for lunch.


The White Chocolate Cheesecake Brownie was delicious as well. Most of the desserts were in the $3.99 range, and it’d be hard to try everything on one vacation – there are so many wonderful options.


Breakfast offerings include a Buttermilk Biscuit Egg Sandwich with Fruit and a Choice of Ham or Bacon, a Bread Bowl with Scrambled Eggs and Potatoes Served with Fruit and Choice of Ham or Bacon. Also available is an Individual Breakfast Quiche of the Day, and Steel Cut Oatmeal with Brown Sugar.

There is a takeaway menu that includes item descriptions without prices at the register.

Child selections are available, and a small grab-and-go area is located inside.

Gluten Free menu items include OMG Brownies, Baby Cakes Mini Cupcakes, and Smoked Turkey on Gluten Free Bread or Roast Beef on Gluten Free Whole Grain Rolls.

It’s nice to see the BoardWalk Bakery expanded, I highly recommend a visit! And definitely check out my BoardWalk photo walk between Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios!