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5/2 Monsters University Concept Art and Maquette Display at Disney’s Hollywood Studios – 100 Photos

Hi everyone!

Monsters University is taking over Walt Disney World, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios is no exception. Inside the Magic of Disney Animation building, the Production Gallery has switched their concept art from Wreck-It Ralph to Monsters University. We’ve been sharing the concept art displays for years on Mousesteps, the Production Gallery switches out once or twice a year.

Outside of the Magic of Disney Animation, there are posters in the courtyard promoting the film.


Inside, posters have been up for months promoting Monsters University.

I’m not even sure this room outside the Production Gallery has a name anymore, but it was in the process of being switched over from Wreck-It Ralph to Monsters University. A few more items had been added a day later, including t-shirts and a hoodie, which can be purchased on the official Monsters University website.

Mike Wazowski and Sulley are in maquette form! There are usually signs giving information about the artwork and maquettes, but those weren’t yet up.

There are three cases of artwork, each with signs that say “Student Life” or similar. The concept art, as always, ranges from drawings to full finished artwork. I expect some of it will be in the upcoming Art of Monsters University book, which will release in June.




The drawings and watercolor paintings in this case remind me of the topiary Monsters University display for the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival – except that there isn’t a Spaceship Earth to be seen through the archway.



These books are held by Mike Wazowski in the Epcot display:

There are many new characters for the film, including Dean Hardscrabble. According to the Monsters University website, ” Dean Hardscrabble is internationally known and widely regarded as the foremost authority on the subject of Scaring. For the past several decades, every hopeful MU Scarer has had to pass through her classroom before stepping foot on a Scare floor. Her method’s are methodical, her approach refined over years of attention paid to a singular area of study.”

Check out Dean Hardscrabble’s hands behind her back!


The Production Gallery used to be the room that guests emptied into, now it is the waiting area for a film about where Disney characters come from.

The concept art displays at Disney’s Hollywood Studios usually enjoy at least a 6 month run, the Wreck-It Ralph display ran from August 2012 until last week. It’s always worth a stop in to see the latest film being promoted!