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Fast Park & Relax Near Orlando International Airport Offers Convenient Airport Parking – Enter Our Contest!

Hi everyone!

We’d been invited to try out Fast Park & Relax, an airport parking location in Orlando. Just minutes away from Orlando International Airport, they really helped make our trip to Washington D.C. last month easy!

I’ve been making flying more than I usually do this year, and it really helps to have convenient, reliable parking – especially covered parking at a low price! While I was unfamiliar with Fast Park & Relax, it is located in an area I used to drive by all the time, on N. Frontage Road.

Our video of Fast Park & Relax:

We arrived in the afternoon to park our car – they don’t take reservations, and we were told that it would be extremely rare to turn anyone away. There are a lot of parking spots! We parked our car, and within one minute, a shuttle arrived to pick us up. The shuttle was clean and we were at the airport within minutes. Both ways, the shuttle drivers were very friendly and helpful (and we tipped them accordingly).

We were given a card with a phone number to call when we returned. It turns out, we didn’t need it. When we arrived to the area that the shuttle was to pick us up, it was already arriving. And the best part about Fast Park & Relax? We had covered parking for the same price I’ve paid for uncovered. With a car that has a little bit of a leak in the trunk, that was really helpful – it was pouring when we arrived back!

The blogger pass we received was for 5 days – we’d been gone for 6, and the total we paid for 1 night parking was $7.50 ($6.34 plus taxes and fees). The previous month, I used a different airport service and I had to pay to reserve my spot (around $5.00) and then I paid $5.99 per day for uncovered parking. So I actually paid more over 4 days than I would have at Fast Park & Relax.

Fast Park & Relax offers complimentary bottled water upon return (even if you drive through the Express Lane, which has a bottled water refrigerator on hand), which is great with the heat and humidity we have here during the summer months. Newspapers are also available M-F from 6AM -8AM while supplies last.

We were so impressed with Fast Park & Relax that we drove back to take photos and video for our story and Mousesteps Weekly YouTube show (which is why it’s not nighttime in these photos!). We will be using Fast Park & Relax now when we need aiport parking. Fast Park offers a rewards program, and this summer they are giving out travel packs for kids, while supplies last.

There are 17 Fast Park locations in the United States, which include Orlando, Baltimore, Miami and Houston. We are having a contest this week for a 5 day parking pass, just like we were given. The winner will also receive a Fast Park travel blanket! The parking pass can be used at any of the 16 airport parking locations.

Here is how to enter the contest!

Go to this page on the Fast Park website. Let me know at what the 2nd item is under “How it Works”!  That is it! I don’t need any other information unless you are the winner. The contest runs through Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013 at midnight EST. We will contact the winner by email. The Fast Park 5 day pass is good for any Fast Park location, it doesn’t have to be Orlando! The pass is good through December 15th, 2013.

Do you have an electric car? Some Fast Park locations, including Orlando, offer complimentary charging while you are away! Check the Fast Park website for more information.

FastPark provided us with the one free parking pass to provide the review and contest. The opinions are all ours! We had a great experience with Fast Park & Relax and are happy to share it with our readers. Good luck!