Disney Park and Resort Photo Updates

Magic Kingdom Photo Update – Casey’s Corner Changes, King Triton Statue in New Fantasyland, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Hi everyone!

We made a quick trip to the Magic Kingdom yesterday to see the changes to Casey’s Corner and New Fantasyland. We have been spending a lot more time at Epcot lately to cover the progress on the Flower & Garden Festival, but much is going on at the Magic Kingdom too!

The sky was dark when we arrived, fortunately the weather held off while we were at the parks.

Casey’s Corner recently re-opened, with major changes to the seating area.

Most everyone we’ve spoken with preferred the bleachers and films. Personally, I think the small retail space nearby would have made a great area for tables (keeping this location the same otherwise). Now it is just a dining room with baseball theming.

This is a new Chip and Dale shirt (double sided).

Spring Break t-shirts.

The water in the moat is being removed for work on the hub.

Walt and Mickey surrounded by flowers!

Grass and more landscaping are being added to the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train exterior.

A King Triton statue was added outside of the DVC building in New Fantasyland. This is by far the most themed and elaborate of all the DVC locations – I hadn’t even realized how much until yesterday.

King Triton stands directly outside of the building, and is a huge draw already for guests in New Fantasyland.

The area behind King Triton has been open for at least a couple of months, but we’ve never noticed it. It is part of Prince Eric’s Village, and there is concept art here that includes King Triton (I went looking for older photos of this location and it looks like the King Triton art is new).

It is themed to a woodworking shop.

In the next room, a large map includes King Triton, Flounder and Ursula. It says “Destinations of the World”.

Prince Eric’s Castle is also shown in artwork.

I always enjoy seeing the light fixtures installed for Disney projects.

Maps are tucked inside of cubby holes.

Shells are part of the design here.

Here is a video tour:

Ariel can be seen across the way.

This archway separates the two rooms, the whole width of this location is part of the Disney Vacation Club.

It was really fun to find this location we didn’t know existed! We try to keep up with everything, but even being in the parks several times per week, it is impossible.