Disney’s Festival of Fantasy Parade is a Crowd Pleasing Spectacle! Photos and Video From Opening Day

Hi everyone!

Disney’s Festival of Fantasy Parade debuted today to thunderous applause from the Dapper Day crowds – it really is the best Magic Kingdom parade I’ve seen in a very long time. We have nearly 100 photos here and full video! We waited over 3 hours in this location, and it was worth every minute.

Something I would recommend – see Disney’s Festival of Fantasy Parade at least twice during your trip! One viewing isn’t enough. There is so much to see with the parade, it’s impossible to catch it all in one viewing. One of the things I really like about the parade is how tall it is. Guests who are a little further back may actually see some characters better than those with a curbside view. Disney’s Festival of Fantasy Parade will play better to many more viewers that way. I would still recommend being at the curb, but if not – there is still a lot to see – this is a BIG show!

Here is our video of the entire parade, followed by nearly 100 photos. The music is very catchy – hopefully there will be a CD soon.

The Princess Garden opens the parade, preceded by the Regal Swan Court. This is a 50-foot long float that includes Beauty and the Beast at the front.

The interiors of these floats rotate. Here is Cinderella and Prince Charming – and in the background are Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen, though they weren’t in front of us a few moments later.

Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen rotated around to reveal the Frozen side, with Anna in her coronation gown, along with Elsa and Olaf!

Here is the Anna and Elsa section of the parade in video:

The Tangled float includes Rapunzel, Flynn Rider and ruffians! The mime from the film also is part of the parade.

Flynn Rider and the ruffians swing back and forth on these rocking pendulums, making it one of my favorite floats in the parade.

Rapunzel and her golden hair are front and center, and you can see Maximus rocking further back with Flynn Rider.

Flynn Rider’s wanted poster brings up the rear.

Next is the Little Mermaid float, with Seashell Girl taking the lead.

Ariel finds a dinglehopper and uses it later to comb her hair.

There is so much to see on each float, including the fish here at the bottom!

Seahorses follow behind Ariel.

The Lost Boys lead the Peter Pan float. They have a different look to them than we’ve seen before.

Peter Pan and Wendy.

Here comes Captain Hook!

Tinker Bell makes faces at the back of the float.

Tick Tock Croc trails behind.

Mr. Smee also follows behind the float.

Princess Merida stands atop the “Brave” float, with Scottish dancers in the foreground.

I love how her bear brothers keep popping out of the bagpipes and from behind the target!

The three fairies lead the Sleeping Beauty section. Not far behind is Maleficent as a fire-breathing steampunk dragon.

Prince Philip takes a moment from battling Maleficent to greet the crowd.

These outfits are absolutely incredible!

A raven.

These are the most impressive stiltwalker costumes ever!

And here comes Maleficent, breathing fire as she turns onto Main Street – all of 53 feet in length, and 26 feet high of her!

stretches 53 feet in length and 26 feet tall

Look at those green eyes!

Maleficent breathes fire every minute or so, giving us a second look here of her power.

Here is our video showing just the Maleficent section of the parade:


Lightening the mood, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs are next.

Dopey sits atop Sneezy, while Snow White dances with them.

The White Rabbit.

Alice and the Mad Hatter snuck by with Jiminy Cricket, but each parade viewing will be different – there is so much to see.

Pinocchio rides Monstro, and you’ll notice a small Cleo and a larger Dumbo.

Donald and Daisy wave to the crowds.

It would have been easy to miss the characters on swings overhead!


Goofy joins Chip and Dale with Cha-Cha Girls in outfits that look like a big top.

Mickey and Minnie on the signature Airship float.

Disney’s Festival of Fantasy Parade has ended!

See Ya Real Soon.

I can’t emphasize enough how much we really enjoy this parade – it gives us a reason to visit the Magic Kingdom in the afternoon again!