Universal Studios Orlando

Minions and Gru Greet Guests at Opening Day for Universal’s Cabana Beach Resort

Hi everyone!

Two Minions and Gru met guests at Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort for opening day on March 31st, 2014. We don’t know if they will be back here occasionally, but I wanted to share some photos and video from Monday!

We were in the Universal Studios store when someone mentioned that the Minions were out. They are my favorite characters, and I ran to go see them. Gru eventually made his way out as well. We first met the Minions in the lobby, but they ran down to Starbucks, where Gru found them and pointed for the Minions to head back to the lobby. Guests loved it! We have a video at the end of the article.

Check out our video of the Minions and Gru at Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort!

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