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Muppets Most Wanted Scavenger Hunt at Epcot: Great Constantine Caper (It’s Free and Fun!)

Hi everyone!

After the Epcot Easter Egg-sperience in World Showcase, we took in another new adventure – the Muppets Most Wanted Great Constantine Caper! This is a free experience. The booklet has two different missions, with 3 checkpoints each. The third checkpoint is the same (at the America pavilion) and this adventure requires little effort. It is actually a very easy game, most of the time spent is walking around World Showcase.

We checked in at the MBI Agent Recruitment Center, near the Mexico pavilion. This experience has a similar feel to the Cars Race Around World Showcase from 2011. And if you haven’t seen Muppets Most Wanted, I really loved it.

This article has spoilers.

Sam Eagle and Jean Pierre Napolean are the Field Agents.

There are Wanted posters of Constantine around World Showcase.

Our mission was explained to us.

Clocks showing different times are part of the theming here.

There is one booklet. One side is red, one side blue. Sam Eagle is the leader for one mission, Jean Pierre Napoleon for the other. The mission we chose took us to Germany and Italy. We plan to complete the other mission on Monday.

In Germany, we were looking for a cuckoo clock.

Constantine left a message here. We needed to head to Italy!

We received a stamp in our booklet.

Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog have been a very popular topiary set at the Festival, and there is now a train schedule out next to them.

Our next stop was Il Bel Cristallo, where we found a Venetian Gonzo mask.

Disney needs to sell the Gonzo mask!

We put in our train route number into the phone.

Gonzo lights up!

I love the Mickey and Minnie Murano magnets here (not part of the game).

We almost missed this area in Italy, with Constantine’s footsteps. It says “Evil Criminal Mastermind Entrance Only”.

On we went to the America pavilion, where we received our last stamp.

Constantine’s cage is here, heading back to Siberia. He is supposed to talk, but we didn’t hear anything while there.

Here is our video of the Great Constantine Caper:

We received a badge – not nearly as big as the one Sam Eagle shows in the film.

We also received a seed packet that will grow a Wocka Wocka Watermelon.

This was a lot of fun! We enjoyed the experience and I look forward to trying to grow the seeds. This event is truly Limited Time Magic during the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival.