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Fun Shopping Finds in Epcot’s World Showcase Include Hello Kitty; Murano Glass Disney Magnets

Hi everyone!

Jeff and I often stop by the shops in Epcot’s World Showcase, it is always fun to see what is new! World Showcase has a large amount of unique merchandise that can’t be found anywhere else at Walt Disney World.

We have shared World Showcase merchandise in previous articles, including the United Kingdom Doctor Who selection and  Kit Heath jewelry, which includes some lovely Disney pieces. The merchandise changes pretty often – some items stick around for a while, but others – like the Hello Kitty selection in Japan – are a little different each time we enter the store.

This is just a tiny selection of World Showcase merchandise! And if you are looking for memorable gifts, I recommend creating a gift basket and choosing a similar item from each country. Teas, candy and soaps can be found in nearly every World Showcase location. And while some World Showcase items can be found online for less, there are some items I haven’t been able to find at all elsewhere (and they are often priced similarly).

We are starting in Canada, which is very popular for soaps, hockey merchandise and anything bear related!

Hatley plush animals mix with Disney here in Canada! Brother Bear and Pluto fit right in.

We love this plush bear puppet!

The sleep shirts here are always fun, including this bear saying “I’m a Grrrump in the Morning”.

The apron “Making a Moose in the kitchen” is a newer one!

Long pajamas that say “Bear Bum”.

Or, you can wear these long pajamas that feature a moose, with “Trailing Behind” on the back.

I’m not quite sure how a knife fits in with eggs, but this apron says “Dam great cook”.

Have you ever tried maple syrup served from a hockey player glass jar? I haven’t!

We purchased Moose Nuts last year, but Bear Nuts and Beaver Nuts are available for purchase. These make a really fun gift!

Heading to the United Kingdom, remember that you can find Downton Abbey merchandise alongside the Doctor Who selection!

I thought these Doctor Who hats would sell out this year, but they have been readily available.

And the Kit Heath Disney jewelry has been highly popular.

Eventually I plan to purchase this piece.

The Twinings Tea Caddy mostly sells teas and accessories….

…but you can find a nice selection of sweets as well. We have purchased the Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls as gifts, they are always a hit! I haven’t found the cannisters outside of Epcot, but I picked up some of the Uncle Joe’s packages at Publix for only $2.15 or so each.

Heading into the France pavilion, here is a terrific collection of soaps.

This small tray has Paris metro stops on it. We have the larger trays at home, which I haven’t seen in a year or two now.

We tried POP at Remy on the Disney Dream. It is for sale here in the France pavilion.

I love this apron! I first tried macarons in the France pavilion at Les Halles Boulangerie-Patissierie. We enjoyed Paris brest at Remy on the Disney Dream, and I picked up a mille-feuille (Napoleon pastry) each morning at one hotel I stayed at in Paris, France.

In Morocco, a large hidden Mickey isn’t too hidden.

We have tried Fez hats on before, though we didn’t see any this time around – except on the camel.

Jeff makes a wish.

We always see this shirt when passing by Morocco.

Japan has a very wide selection of merchandise available!

I really enjoy the Hello Kitty Florida merchandise – especially this pin, which I picked up for a family member.

Sonic the Hedgehog is also popular here, Jeff even tries a Sonic hat on.

There is plenty of Domo merchandise, these shorts were interesting.

There are anime shirts, including Monkey-D-Luffy.

Jeff purchased a trio of solar-powered cats for me a couple of years back. They are fun to watch!

There are more Pocky flavors here than I’ve seen at grocery stores in the area (when they even carry this delicious treat).

Have you ever eaten candy with the wrapper? With Botan Rice Candy, you do.

Merchandise at the America pavilion has changed faster than most countries, they have really tried to sell a lot more merchandise made in the United States.

I’m not sure Abe Lincoln is yet quite this hip!

And we just found this Ybor hat.

In Italy, chocolate and Vespa merchandise takes up quite a bit of the store landscape.

This pasta reminds me of candy corn.

Italy is one of the countries which offers merchandise that add Disney characters to the mix. Other countries with character merchandise include Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Norway and Mexico.

Mickey dons a mustache, holding an Italy flag while rowing a gondola.

During the Muppets Most Wanted scavenger hunt, we found these Murano glass magnets shaped like Mickey and Minnie. And below this photo, there were also what looked like Mickey and Minnie glass ornaments.

Germany is one of my favorite World Showcase countries to shop in.

Jeff tries on a hat.

Mustard in glass shaped like beer steins. I did find the same product at the Celebration Publix.

Beer mug shaped pasta has been here for at least a year now.

And Disney introduced this Grumpy stein a couple of years ago – the shirt as well.

There is nice selection of Werther’s Original candy in Karamelle Kuche. These bags are also on the Disney Dining Plan, and there are many similar snacks around World Showcase to use up snack credits on!

Bead Outpost sells jewelry for a purpose.

This beads are made out of Disney maps!

Guide maps and other Disney paper products are sent to Africa, where they are hand rolled into beads. No two pieces of jewelry will be the same!

Women from Uganda are able to help feed their families. The jewelry is inexpensive and is sold for a great cause.

China also has a great variety of merchandise.

Looking for a Chinese outfit for your dog?

Dog socks can also be found here.

And if you like pandas – there is a large section that includes almost anything you can think of! This includes hats, ear muffs, shirts, backpacks, toys, pens, etc.

When Anna and Elsa started meeting in Norway, merchandise moved to accomodate them. Once they leave for the Magic Kingdom this month, it will be interesting to see if the layout changes again. And right now, there is “Frozen” merchandise throughout several rooms.

We thought the troll might enjoy a copy of “Frozen”!

This is still one of my favorite t-shirts at Walt Disney World: “It’s a Troll World”.

Looking for a sardine snack?

In Mexico, guests can find a variety of tequilas and character merchandise.

Kahlua chocolate.

Glasses and shot glasses to enjoy tequila with, including Mickey, Donald and Goofy.

Coasters, t-shirts and other merchandise includes these famous Disney characters.

Mickey sterling silver charm, wearing a sombrero.

We highly encourage a walk through World Showcase stores to discover treasures from around the world!