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Happy Easter Pre-Parade 2014 Delights Guests at Disney’s Magic Kingdom: Photos & Video

Hi everyone!

One of our Easter traditions is to see the Happy Easter pre-parade at the Magic Kingdom! This is the fifth year we have covered it for Mousesteps, and I think that is how long it has been running as well. The pre-parade is a lot of fun, with Fantasia hippos and ostriches, Mr. and Mrs. Easter Bunny, and Daisy leading the Azalea Trail Maids! It was upgraded last year, and there didn’t seem to be any changes for 2014.

We had Fastpass+ reservations for the parade – the best part is that we actually love the new Festival of Fantasy Parade, so we didn’t feel a need to leave after the Happy Easter Pre-Parade ended. The Fantasia hippos and ostriches help lead the procession, with the hippos throwing confetti into the air.

Flowers and butterflies make their way down the parade route, with Mr. and Mrs. Easter Bunny in the background.

Mr. and Mrs. Easter Buny arrive in style!

Daisy traditionally leads the Azalea Trail Maids (from Mobile, Alabama). She blew kisses to the crowd! The Azalea Trail Maids carry parasols, and are always an elegant addition to the parade.

Miss Bunny waves to the crowd.

Rabbit also joins Miss Bunny and Thumper.

Clara Cluck ends the procession, with a line of chicken dancers.

Here is our video:

This is the perfect way to enjoy Easter at the Magic Kingdom! Worried about crowds? Easter day attendance tends to be moderate compared with the rest of spring break. And Fastpass+ was an easy way to see the parade, with a great view.