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Anna and Elsa Now Meet Separately (But in Same Room) in Magic Kingdom’s Princess Fairytale Hall

Hi everyone!

Anna and Elsa started meeting separately this week at Princess Fairytale Hall in the Magic Kingdom. Instead of meeting together with a visiting princess, they each take one side of the room. It seems to have cut down on the waits significantly, with Anna and Elsa topping out at 120 minutes while we were in the Magic Kingdom yesterday afternoon (and as low as 70 minutes around 8:00 p.m.).

This first photo was taken around 7:30 p.m., and Cinderella with Rapunzel actually had a longer line than Anna & Elsa!

It was nice to see the wait times for Anna and Elsa down. Guests have waited up to 5+ hours since Anna and Elsa were first introduced last year! With Fastpass+, our wait time was about 5-10 minutes, and we used our Festival of Fantasy canceled Fastpass+ bonus reservation to see them a second time.

I didn’t have an angle where I could show both Anna and Elsa at any given time. Elsa was meeting on this end of the room. While I have had some followers express disappointment when I posted the information on my Instagram account, everyone in line just seemed happy to see them. Guests do meet both Anna and Elsa, just not for the same photo.

Anna was first. Of the two, she is my favorite character from Frozen.

Elsa was on the opposite end of the room, and had a short line both times (backed up after the Anna greet).

Here is one of our videos from yesterday!

And this is from when they were meeting together on the first day of Princess Fairytale Hall. We were told this is a permanent change to the meet & greet, but anything can happen in the future!

Frozen pressed pennies are turning up across property. I’d never been into the pressed pennies until the past year or so, but they are such a great souvenir for only .51.

There are quite a few different Frozen pins now, and the Elsa dolls were in stock. A friend mentioned that she saw a Frozen Tervis tumbler, we totally missed that.

Here is a second video from our visits yesterday.

What do you think of Elsa and Anna meeting in the same room, but separately for photos? And if the wait time is cut significantly, does it make a difference in your opinion?