Denise's Corner

SeaWorld Orlando Summer Offerings Include Shamu’s Celebration: Light up the Night (Photos, Video)

Hi everyone!

We were invited by SeaWorld to check out their Summer Nights offerings, which includes a new Generation Nature LIVE show, along with Shamu’s Celebration: Light up the Night. We enjoyed meeting animals in the SEA Garden, which has become one of my favorite places at SeaWorld Orlando.

Generation Nature LIVE is a show that includes trainers and other animal experts talking about what guests can do to help the environment and preserve animal life. The show is a bit slow, and I found it most interesting when Animal Ambassadors were brought out on stage. We did learn a few things, like recycling products helps save the rainforests – and in part, that helps save animals like sloths.

We were introduced to Panama the Pelican. Did you know that pelicans can hold 3 gallons of water in their pouch?

We have had the opportunity to see this eagle up close many times in the past – it is beautiful!

After the show, we went to the SEA Garden. We look forward to when the baby sloth starts meeting guests here! This was as close as I’ve ever been to an otter. All of the animals here are rescues. We were allowed to touch his back, the otter was much softer than I expected.

An opposum is another one of SeaWorld’s Animal Ambassadors.

Guests can visit the SEA Garden and visit these beautiful animals each day.

Owlfred the owl was imprinted by humans, he is too friendly to live in the wild. Each animal in the SEA Garden has a story, and the trainers are always happy to talk about what brought the animals to SeaWorld.

Two small horses are recent additions to the SeaWorld family.

Shamu’s Celebration: Light up the Night is a high-energy show that features music representing different eras, along with killer whales and an pyrotechnic ending.

Here is our video overview of SeaWorld Orlando’s summer preview!

At night, Shamu’s Dance Party keeps guests on their feet! This is located at the front of the park in Village Square. It starts one hour prior to park closing and ends 30 minutes after closing.

Summer Nights continues at SeaWorld Orlando through August 10th, 2014.