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Frozen Summer Fun Offers Full Day of Entertainment at Disney’s Hollywood Studios (150 Photos, Videos)

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Frozen has taken over Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and you won’t want to be left in the cold! From first thing in the morning until the end of the Frozen Fireworks Spectacular, there are events to enjoy all day long. Here are over 150 photos, along with video of what is in store through September 1st, 2014.

We have already posted several articles on Frozen Summer Fun, including a review of the Frozen Summer Fun Premium Package, a Frozen merchandise article, and a look at Kristoff’s first appearance at the Disney Parks! You can also watch our full Frozen Summer YouTube playlist here – we are still adding videos!

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Anna and Elsa are now shown on the film strip outside of Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

We attended the first full day, and the morning of the second (July 5th and 6th). More signs and banners were being added on the 6th, including banners at the bus stops.

Olaf toasts his drink to Frozen Summer Fun.

A sand sculpture of Olaf was being built when we arrived on the first morning. We always enjoy the sand sculptures at the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival, and the Olaf at the front of the park is a nice touch! Usually there is a new sculpture created about halfway through the Festival, I hope that happens here too.

Olaf came to life very quickly through the day, and was nearly finished by early in the afternoon.

Just inside the park, the Olaf carrot cake cupcake was being sold.

Jeff had the idea to bring it out to the Olaf sand sculpture, and we enjoyed photographing three Olafs together.

Here is our video of Olaf being created:

Olaf stands just beyond the bag check area at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

New entrance banners arrived for the second day, with Olaf and Anna with Elsa.

Most photos are from opening day! It was gorgeous in the morning, but the clouds moved in later in the afternoon.

Anna and Elsa.

Even Sunset Boulevard is decorated for Frozen Fun, though nothing happens there.

One of the highlights of the day for us was “For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration”. Guests seemed a little confused as to where the event was. The show is inside the Premiere Theater.

Anna and Elsa balloons for sale.

Every guest receives a take-along Olaf on a stick. Ours wore the Premium Package lanyard for a photo.

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Guests should see Anna and Elsa’s Royal Welcome on Hollywood Boulevard, and then follow the parade to the Sorcerer’s Hat – there is a small show here, where Anna and Elsa are welcomed to Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Dan Cockerell, Vice President of Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

On the first day of Anna and Elsa’s Royal Welcome, we watched the parade from the Premium Package viewing area. The next morning, we chose a spot closer to Star Tours. After the brief show at the Sorcerer’s Hat, the full procession heads down to the Star Wars area before moving offstage. These photos are a combination of both days.

A Cast Member helps move ducks off the parade route.

There are many elements in the parade that are part of Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmastime Parade, including these skaters dressed in white, flowing outfits.

Anna and Elsa arrive in a horse-drawn sleigh decorated with ice crystals.

Anna blows a kiss to the crowd, then throws her arms to the side.

Anna and Elsa do not greet guests in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, but you can find them at the Magic Kingdom’s Princess Fairytale Hall.

Villagers follow Elsa and Anna.

A flag team passes by.

This float has traditionally held Scrooge McDuck in Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmastime Parade.

Skaters perform for the crowds.

Skiers are up next, as Kristoff arrives on a float.

The moves from these mountain men remind me of the grave diggers in Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Parade.

Kristoff has never made a public appearance, and was the most anticipated part of the procession. He arrives on a float that Chip & Dale use in Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmastime Parade.

Kristoff hadn’t been holding anything on the first day, but he was holding a musical instrument on the second. Expect small changes through the summer, as Disney adds elements to the event!

Kristoff without the musical instrument, as seem from the Frozen Summer Fun Premium Package location.

Kristoff heads towards Star Tours at the end of the parade route.

Here is our video of Kristoff in the parade.

The end of the parade.

Here is the full parade on video:

I mentioned earlier that Anna and Elsa are part of a stage presentation, their Royal Welcome is at the Sorcerers Hat.

Elsa and Anna both clutch bouquets of flowers.

Guests will hear a lot of “Let it Go” through the day, beginning here. Elsa and Anna lead guests in singing the popular song.

Anna coaxes the audience to sing a little louder.

Anna and Elsa finish the song, and then get ready to head off along the parade route.

Here is our video of Anna and Elsa leading the crowd in song:

Next up was “For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration”.

Guests should pick up tickets near the Premiere Theater before the showings.

As part of the Frozen Summer Fun Premium Package, we received special seating in the front of the theater.

I thought the show would be the characters leading the audience in songs for a half hour, but it is really a show and not just a sing-along. The Frozen characters are part of it, but not the whole time. Anna shows up early on to kick it off.

There are two “Royal Historians” who carry the show from beginning to end. I wasn’t sure if this would work well, but it does. They really kept the pace moving well, and the entire show is a lot of fun.

Of course, there are quite a few songs for the audience to sing along with! Do you wanna build a snowman?

As the show continues to the end, more effects are added. Smoke rises from the ground as Elsa sings “Let it Go” on the screen.

Kristoff appears in the show twice – in the middle, and at the end.

The Royal Historian sneaks a peek!

Here is Kristoff’s first appearance in the show!

Olaf sings “In Summer” while the crowd sings along. Even when there weren’t words on the screen for some dialogue, the audience knew everything!

Anna with Kristoff.

Elsa has been anticipated the whole show, and has finally arrived.

Elsa and Anna.

Elsa, Anna and Kristoff.

Elsa sings “Let it Go” with the audience. I didn’t post all of my photos of Elsa, but her moves are similar to Elsa in the film.

The finale includes snow, confetti, fog effects, lighting – a great ending to the show!

Anna and Elsa end the show.

Outside of the Premiere Theater, guests can purchase Frozen merchandise. I do have photos of more merchandise in Wandering Oakens here.

While we have already visited one side of Wandering Oaken’s – the Trading Post, we highly recommend a visit to Frozen Funland as well. Guests can lace up a pair of ice skates for $10 a session (per half hour). We were told that guests should arrive early for their sessions. We built a tiny snowman, watched a terrific ice show and more here!

Our visit to Wandering Oaken’s Frozen Funland was just after the park opened on the second day. It can get busy here!

A Cast Member welcomed us to Wandering Oaken’s Frozen Funland.

There are several photo opportunities here.

This was a sample photograph of what guests receive if they purchase a photo.

There are several cupcakes for sale at Wandering Oaken’s Frozen Funland, two of them (Elsa and Anna) were part of the Frozen Summer Fun Premium Package dessert party. Each are $5.50.

Cast Members dress in winter clothing.

Olaf cups come with a Frozen Blue Raspberry Slush for $9.75.

Here are the cupcakes in the refrigerator!

Special lighting is found around Wandering Oaken’s.

Signs point the way to the snow ground, North Mountain and more.

Guests can build a snowman! I don’t know how Disney was able to have this snow area without the whole building being cold (it is cool, but not very cold).

Guests wait in line to play in the snow.

Jeff stands in front of a backdrop and between two snowy trees.

Falling snow projections are part of the backdrop.

Ice skates are ready to use! It costs $10.00 for a skating session, including skates (for a half hour). Guests can reserve ahead on the day of skating, and guests should arrive a little earlier than their session starts to lace up.

While we didn’t skate, we did enjoy the ice skating show that happens every hour. A themed zamboni is driven around the ice rink first, to get ready for the skaters.

We were told that most of the skaters in the show (2 at a time) are part of Disney on Ice. The skaters perform to a Frozen medley.

It is a nice bonus to see a skating show at Disney’s Hollywood Studios this summer!

Our video of Wandering Oaken’s includes building a snowman!

There are a couple of locations where guests can have their photos taken with the Aurasma app. We have photos with Olaf and the trolls.

Friends offered their Frozen MagicBands for a few photos – these are open edition Frozen MagicBands with Anna, Elsa and Olaf.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios has not had a regular nightly fireworks show in over 15 years (not including Fantasmic). Star Wars Weekends did include fireworks, but that was just Friday, Saturday and Sundays.

While waiting for the fireworks, guests can purchase Frozen themed drinks.

Unlike at Star Wars Weekends, the stage show and fireworks are intertwined. That means it is harder to see both well. Guests closest to the stage to see the stage show will not really be able to see the fireworks as easily, but guests in other areas may see the fireworks and not the stage show.

Here is the video of the finale!

Like in the sing along show, Anna arrives first – followed by Kristoff.

Olaf is also part of the fun!

Guests can hashtag #olafsummervacation with their take-along Olaf on a stick, and may end up having their photos shared at the end of the night.

Anna whispers to the royal host.

Elsa arrives, and it’s time to “Let it Go” again!

Our location for the dessert party didn’t offer great views of the fireworks – that is the only downside. But we live here and will be back to see the show on other nights.

The Frozen characters pose at the end of the show.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is a full day park this summer due to Frozen Summer Fun! Booking a Walt Disney World vacation? Book with Pixie Vacations – you can fill out a quote form on our page!