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New Snacks at Epcot Include Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich, Olaf Marshmallow Cookie

Hi everyone!

We spent much of yesterday at Epcot, and were looking forward to trying the new Vanilla Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich at Epcot. It is now a new favorite snack at Epcot, especially on a hot summer day! We found a couple of other snacks we’ve not seen before – including the Croissant Donut (Cronut) a’la Mode.

It was a gorgeous day at Epcot, I can’t believe we got through the day without any rain (until the drive home near midnight).

Previously, we posted an article titled “Mad for Macarons” about the different ways to enjoy macarons at the France Pavilion at Epcot. One of those ways I wrote about is the Chocolate Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich. Now, a new version in vanilla is available!

The macaron ice cream sandwiches take on the colors of the France flag.

The Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich is the same price as a single scoop of ice cream – $3.99. Guests on the Disney Dining Plan can use a snack credit towards it. The ice cream and macarons are both created each day from scratch.

Mickey Mouse takes shape in the ice cream trays at L’Artisan des Glaces.

The Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich (chocolate or vanilla) is one of our favorite snacks in Epcot. The macarons are chewy, constrasting to the smooth ice cream inside.

We highly recommend this tasty dessert at L’Artisan des Glaces! And follow them on Twitter for the latest news from the France pavilion.

Over at Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe in Norway, Olaf is featured in this Sugar Cookie and Marshmallow Olaf. At $4.99 – also on the Disney Dining Plan as a snack – we didn’t purchase it. A straw completes the dessert.

A small bundt cake features Kristoff. It looks like a child size ring with Kristoff on it.

There is a Frozen diorama in the bakery that includes Kristoff, Sven, Anna, Elsa and Prince Hans.

And just before we left Epcot for the night, we tried the Croissant Doughnut (Cronut) a’la Mode. The cronut is delicious, the ice cream is – well, it isn’t from L’Artisan des Glaces. It was also very messy. I recommend the cronut itself, skip the ice cream. Or just go to France and enjoy the Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich!

I took photos last night after dark at Epcot, here are just a few. The Frozen fireworks at Disney’s Hollywood Studios look amazing over America in Epcot’s World Showcase! We have a ton of Frozen Summer Fun coverage, including our article with 150 photos and videos.

China always looks beautiful at night, and the moon was trying to peek out from the clouds.

The moon finally appeared! Here it is with Spaceship Earth. I’ve been asked what camera I use to take the photos, it is my Nikon D3200 – but there is now Nikon D3300 with a few more features available.

We especially enjoyed the new offering at L’Artisan des Glace, there is a new ice cream there that we haven’t tried yet as well. And we picked up a full baguette to go, at $2.95 it is one of the best bargains at Epcot!