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Captain Cook’s Reopens at Disney’s Polynesian Resort With Expanded Menu, New Decor

Hi everyone!

Captain Cook’s reopened today at Disney’s Polynesian Resort. For the past few months, there has been a temporary location serving guests of the resort. We have plenty of photos and video to share of the refurbished counter service restaurant (which also has an expanded menu)!

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Overall, the restaurant hasn’t changed a lot. The design is different, but the layout is very similar to what was there before.

The cashiers, drink case, condiments, soda fountains – those are all in the same place.

The menu has expanded. I counted 18 items plus flatbreads – plenty of choices. One of the downsides I find in most Disney resort counter service locations is too few items, and that isn’t the case now.

The Chicken and Waffles caught our eye, and we try that later in the article. There are a number of new items!

There is a Hot Beef and Cheddar sandwich, Grilled Ham and Cheese, Reuben Sandwich, Lobster Roll, and many more choices. Most are under $10.00, though the Lobster Roll is $16.29.

There are also some holdovers from the temporary Captain Cook’s location. We haven’t tried the Coconut Curry Meatballs yet, but plan to. I’ve actually never been all that excited over the Captain Cook’s menu, but now there are many items I would try.

Childrens menu items include a Turkey Sandwich and Chicken and Pineapple Skewers. I’d like to see the latter on the adult menu too!

Kids items also include a Hamburger or Cheeseburger, Chicken Nuggets and Hot Dog.

One of the main differences is that guests will not order on a kiosk. There used to be several kiosks, and now there is one cashier to order from the kitchen. I don’t think this will be enough when the resort is full.

Rapid Fill mugs.

Another change is that the bakery case is to the right of the beverage case. There is also no Dole Whip machine, that will be at Pineapple Lanai very soon.

Fruit, sandwiches, and other snacks are also available.

There are cupcakes, cookies, and a few other items in the bakery case.

Minnie Mouse cupcakes.

Mickey Mouse cupcakes. We were told they are the same cupcake as Minnie, but with a different decoration. We show our Mickey cupcake later in the article.

Bakery items including muffins are also out for purchase.

Fruit, chips, cereal and more.

The main dining room has a South Seas flair to it. We like the light fixtures!

Tonga and Tokelau artwork.




This looks like a hidden Mickey – maybe a Mickey Menehune?

Jeff points to the Mickey looking tiki.

Here is our video of Captain Cook’s!


Bora Bora.



Another look at a light fixture. There are also still fans.

Design along the wall.

Coffee and sodas.

Microwave, toaster, condiments.

Jeff with our food.

The Chicken and Waffles isn’t a huge entree, but it is delicious.

We split the Mickey Mouse cupcake. It has a light chocolate mousse frosting, definitely not as thick as other Disney cupcakes.

Once open, you can see the frosting better.

Tonga Toast continues on the breakfast menu, along with a new Breakfast Burrito.

We were asked about windows, and guests can look out and walk outside. There isn’t much to see right now.

We are told these are not the final tables and chairs. Hopefully the new chairs are light like this, the last ones were heavy and scraped against the floor.

We stopped outside for a few minutes.

Seating can be found outside along the marina.

Pineapple Lanai has really come along, even since yesterday. They are working hard to get it open. This is where guests will be able to get their Dole Whip fix.

It is nice to see one small part of Disney’s Polynesian Resort already open! This will be a continuous process into next spring. For detailed information about what is happening at Disney’s Polynesian Resort in the upcoming months, we recommend The Tikiman’s Pages.