Fort Wilderness Campground/Wilderness Lodge

Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground Photo Walk 2014 – From Outpost to Settlement in Resort Tour

Hi everyone!

I fractured my ankle back in April (2014), so photo walks had to halt for a bit. I photographed this walk in June when I was in a walking boot, and finally timed it for posting in August. Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground is one of our favorite places on Walt Disney World property to walk!

There are several ways to walk between the Outpost and the Settlement, this is the way we usually take. We were staying at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground when I photographed the walk.

We stopped briefly at the Fort Wilderness Reception Outpost, this is before the walk time officially starts. Guests check in here before heading to their campsite or cabin.

Guests can enjoy a game of checkers here.

Across the parking lot at the Outpost is the Tri-Circle-D Ranch where guests can ride horses. It does cost an extra fee.

There is a sidewalk that heads toward the bus transportation. Guests can take buses through the campground to any loop, the Meadows, Settlement, a park or Downtown Disney. And if you want to head to Disney’s Wilderness Lodge via bus, take the Orange bus – it will stop at the Settlement, then head to Disney’s Wilderness Lodge. The most direct bus to the Settlement if you choose not to walk is the Yellow bus.

Guests were riding horses when I passed by.

Guests can get their bearings here at the Directory. Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground is pretty big, but easy to get around once you get acclimated.

We are heading toward the bus stop.

Tri-Circle-D Ranch horse rides are very close to the Outpost Bus Depot.

We are starting the timed walk here. I’m nearly at full speed 4 months after I broke my ankle. I think the total time was a few minutes longer than usual, I usually walk at about 3 miles per hour. We start the walk at 9:14 a.m.

There is golf cart parking near the Bus Depot.

During holiday times, most golf carts are decorated. At other times, many guests still enjoy adding embellishments like this Mickey head.

We will be turning right at the intersection, it is 9:15 a.m.

The walk through Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground is very peaceful. I remember the sidewalks used to be a little uneven, but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. Most of the walk was on smooth ground. When we were staying here in June, there was sidewalk work being done, which likely was fixing the pavement.

There is a deer crossing sign to the left. We see deer more on the pathway between Fort Wilderness and Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, as well as occasionally at the Meadows complex.

After one of the hurricanes 10 years ago, I walked through nearly half of Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort (planning to enjoy breakfast at Trail’s End Restaurant) before I found out the entire campground was closed for a few weeks. I remember walking this path and wondering why there were no buses or cars!

There are two pools. One is at the Meadows complex, and the other would be to the left (we aren’t walking to the latter). The Wilderness Pool was one of the last pools on Walt Disney World property to have a deep end that was at least 6 feet. It no longer does.

A Cast Member rode her bike past me. Guests can rent bikes at the Bike Barn if they don’t want to walk – there are also golf carts, but those are more expensive and can sell out.

I like the way the vines look in the woods.

As we walk, the woods are on the right and the road on the left.

Cabins can be seen to the left. These are different than the campsites, in that it is like renting a resort room (with a fully equipped kitchen, housekeeping service, etc.).

We are heading into the campsite areas now. Guests can rent a tent site or an RV site. We were upgraded to a preferred site for the RV, which included a larger pad and some small upgrades – nicer picnic table, grill, etc.

We are walking ahead to the Meadow Trading Post and the Settlement.

I mentioned that the walk was pretty smooth – there is only occasional uneven pavement to watch for.

This Chip & Dale sign has seen better days. Fortunately, there is another one coming up that looks much better for photos. We pass this sign at 9:26 a.m.

While we continue the walk, our Mousesteps Weekly Show #106 is all about Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground!

We are walking across the road and heading right toward the Meadow complex.

Looking back after we cross, Chip & Dale on this sign are in much better form!

Most of the small bridges don’t have much water under them anymore.

We are walking straight, then to the right.

We are coming up on the Possum Path loop.

There are several playgrounds throughout Fort Wilderness, along with volleyball nets and tetherball poles.

We are still walking straight, but to stay on the sidewalk, we have to cross the road. This happens occasionally in Fort Wilderness.

The Meadow Trading Post is on the right hand side.

Guests can park their golf carts here. We are stopping the timed portion of the walk to look around the Meadows complex at 9:30 a.m. The photos will be from our visit in June.

Farmer Mickey was inside the Meadow Trading Post in June. At Christmas time, he becomes Santa Mickey.

Mickey changed this week (August 20th) to a racoon cap Mickey, with an autumn background.

There is a lot to do at the Meadows, including the Campfire Movie every night. There is a sing-along with Chip & Dale, and guests can make s’mores.

Here are a few photos from evening at the campfire, including Chip & Dale.

Jeff cooks a marshmallow on the fire.

Also here is the Bike Barn. Guests can rent bikes, canoes, kayaks and more.

We rented a canoe here in 2013, but not this year due to my ankle injury – it was a lot of fun, and a lot of work to get the canoe around the entire loop.

The Meadows Swimmin’ Pool

The Meadow pool features a slide that was once in River Country (it was repainted themed to the Fort Wilderness Railroad).

The pool photos were taken a year or so back, when I walked here with no guests around. We never saw it this way in June!

The jacuzzi looks like a horseshoe. The entire pool area was romodeled about 5 years back, a big upgrade for guests staying at the campground.

There is a small pool for children.

An Aquatic Play Area was added with the refurbishment, and includes small slides for children.

Daniel Boone’s Wilderness Arcade is here. There is another arcade at the Settlement.

Back to the timed portion of the walk at 9:30 a.m., we pass a sign for the Dog Park (but we don’t be passing the park itself).

We stayed in a loop across from the Meadow Trading Post, Quail Trail.

There is extra parking for the Meadows Trading Post.

We are walking toward the Settlement, which is about an 8 minute walk from the Meadow Trading Post.

There are bus stops throughout Fort Wilderness – if guests don’t want to walk, it is a good option.

Here is another sign for the Meadows. There are tennis courts we didn’t visit, as well as grills for cooking.

Jack Rabbit Run is on the left.

Next up is Cinnamon Fern Way, we arrive here at 9:35 a.m.

There is at least one comfort station per loop, we pass several of them along the walk. The Meadow Trading Post also has a bathroom, as does the Meadow Pool.

We are getting very close to the Settlement.

A bus can be seen ahead.

Bikes and walkers share the sidewalks.

We are arriving at the Settlement.

So much is here! Pioneer Hall for the Hoop-Dee-Doo Revue, along with Trail’s End Restaurant and Crockett’s Tavern. Guests can attend Mickey’s Backyard Barbecue, rent a boat, or take Disney’s boat transportation to the Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, or Disney’s Contemporary Resort. The smaller Settlement Trading Post is nearby, and guests can enjoy a wagon ride (extra charge).

We aren’t walking straight, though it will take guests into the Settlement area as well.

We are taking a left.

Buses here take guests through the campground.

We will be taking a right here, before the former petting zoo (now a pony ride location).

The sign points the way to Pioneer Hall and other locations.

We’ve been to the Hoop-Dee-Doo Revue 4 times over the past 2 years – it is always so much fun, and they upgraded the included beer and sangria offerings this year. We end the timed portion of our walk at 9:41 a.m. The entire walk took about 27 minutes, where it usually takes about 5 minutes less for me. Most walks around property end up being about a mile, including the walk between Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Disney’s Wilderness Lodge.

We have an article about Disney’s Hoop-Dee-Doo Revue from this year here.

These tables and chairs are pretty new as well, just outside of Crockett’s Tavern.

Trail’s End Restaurant entrance. This is another one of our favorite restaurants at Walt Disney World, for breakfast and dinner.

Mickey waffles can be found here on the breakfast buffet, regular and chocolate chip waffles.

While the popular bear will likely never be back due to damage, there is still a buffalo head on the wall.

One of our favorite activities on Walt Disney World property is the horse-drawn wagon ride. It is inexpensive and takes guests throughout the campground. We especially recommend it during the Christmas season, to see the campsite decorations!

Davy Crockett’s Wilderness Arcade is attached to Crockett’s Tavern.

Guests can enjoy this peaceful view while waiting for Trail’s End (or just for relaxation).

The Pioneer Hall Playground is also here, and includes a swingset.

Clementine’s Beach.

The Fort Wilderness Pavilion hosts Mickey’s Backyard BBQ, and is only a few minute walk from Pioneer Hall.

The entrance to the pavilion used to be the entrance to River Country.

Hidden Mickeys on the water fountain.

We love this bit of nostalgia still here!

River Country is still easily visible from this guest area.

“Restrooms and showers” is actually only restrooms now.

I love this old-style hair dryer! It works. There used to be more than one.

Mickey and his banjo.

Guests visiting Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground should stop at the Tri-Circle-D Ranch at the Settlement. There are horses as well as history here.

This location to the right is like a tiny museum of photos and display cases featuring horses and Walt Disney. When guests walk into the room, they can hear about history of Walt Disney, horses, and about the display case offerings.

Walt Disney drawing horses in his childhood.

The calliope that is here is shown on the Studio lot.

Photo of a horse-drawn trolley with characters that include Roger Rabbit.

The 1907 calliope was used in the Mickey Mouse Club Circus at Disneyland and in Disney television shows. The calliope was part of a Limited Time Magic parade at Walt Disney World last year, and very occasionally is used for special events.

Here is a look at the beautiful calliope, which is behind glass. It plays “When You Wish Upon a Star”.

Back in the other room, there is a display case that includes a miniature of the calliope.

It is also shown in a television show in this photo.

Silhouette of the horse outside.

I miss this as a petting zoo. Minnie Moo was here for a number of years, and there used to be donkeys, goats and other animals. Now the signs say not to pet the horses and ponies.


A pony scratches his neck.

There is a very tall frame with vines climbing it here behind the water fountain.

We picked up a Tri-Circle-D Ranch brochure inside the barn.

“Vineland Station”.

In various areas around the campground, guests can find train tracks from the former Fort Wilderness Railroad – including near the Settlement.

The Settlement Trading Post is smaller than the one at the Meadows, but is worth a visit.

Guests can play checkers here while sitting on Mickey themed seats.

We took a wagon ride one evening in June.

Sun sets on Bay Lake.

We recommend the Electrical Water Pageant, which we’ve enjoyed since the 70’s.

We picked up a pressed penny of Musket Mickey.

The Lawnmower Tree is now gone, but we wanted to share it from last year. It was a popular landmark here at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground for many years.

Another change from last year is the removal of the stagecoach from the Settlement Trading Post. We don’t know if it will come back.

Our next photo walk will be from Disney’s Wilderness Lodge to Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground!