Disney Park and Resort Photo Updates

New Resort Merchandise at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground and Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Resort

Hi everyone!

Both Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground and Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Resort have new resort specific merchandise available.

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The former “Happy Camper” merchandise at Fort Wilderness is gone, replaced by Mickey Mouse with a Davy Crockett style hat. Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground went through a year or two prior to that with no resort merchandise at all, but it’s nice they have continued it since then.

The Mickey Mouse display in the Meadows Trading Post just switched from a gardening Mickey to a Halloween display, with Mickey dressed in his raccoon skin cap while Chip perches on his head.

Our favorite new item is this Tapestry Woven Throw, which includes Cinderella Castle, Chip & Dale, and canoeing at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground. At $74.95, it is also the most expensive item in this article.

We do plan to purchase this throw eventually, it is gorgeous!

Mickey hasn’t been “Musket Mickey” in years, except for a few instances around the campground (I purchased a pressed penny with Musket Mickey recently). He now carries a stick through Fort Wilderness.

Mickey Mouse long-sleeve Fort Wilderness jersey.

The car magnet that was here previously is now gone, but a set of magnets took its place. These magnets include Mickey, a tent with a Mickey head, and hidden Mickey marshmallows on a stick.

This shirt for kids includes some of the same themes.

I had no idea that Fort Wilderness had a scent, but there is an air freshener in “wild woods scent”.

We have a mug from last year (which is still available), but we were told this mug is dishwasher and microwave safe.

Mickey sweatshirt.

Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort magnet.

In the Settlement Trading Post, a display is set up. Some of the items between the two trading posts are different right now, we were told that it was hard keeping everything in stock (too popular!)

Over at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, there are some new items. A new bear logo appears on some of the merchandise.

This mug features the bear.

This pillow also features the bear logo. It has been one of the more popular items on our Instagram account! The back of it features MIckey heads.

Most (if not all) of the deluxe and DVC resorts sell resort specific merchandise, I wish all resorts did. Disney’s Art of Animation is the one value/moderate that does, and shirts for some resorts can be made at the Design-a-Tee at Downtown Disney.