Disney Park and Resort Photo Updates

Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Pool Refurbishment Update 10/27/2014

Hi everyone!

We were at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge a few days ago, and I wanted to share some quick photos of the Silver Creek Springs pool refurbishment. It had come as a surprise to me last month that the pool was undergoing such an extensive refurb when I’d gone to work on a photo walk (which I delayed). The pool work encompasses the whole feature pool area, including the jacuzzis, walkways and Trout Pass Pool Bar.

From what I was told last month, the main reason for the refurb has more to do with repairs and maintenance. I don’t know if anything will be different once it is finished (currently the pool is scheduled to re-open on November 27th). I’ve heard that a splash pad might be put in for kids, and I wouldn’t be surprised if a fence is installed as well – I think all resort pools are supposed to eventually have one. Here are photos from a few days back.

There are several options for guests wanting to swim during the refurbishment.

The rest of the resort looks beautiful as usual! In just a few weeks, Christmas decorations will be up.