Disney's Port Orleans Resort

Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter Photo Walk 2015 – Photo Tour Around Resort in 160 Pictures

Hi everyone!

I am updating our Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter photo walk today, showcasing a tour around this intimately sized resort. Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter is a favorite of many guests in part due to the minimal amount of walking needed to get anywhere on property  – it offers 1008 guest rooms, about half of what is available at Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside Resort. Guests wishing to walk or run will find plenty of room for that as well, with the path around the Sassagoula River winding through both Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter and Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside Resort. I spent 7 years as an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner, and this was one of my most requested resorts.

Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter is in the Moderate category at Walt Disney World.

Before we take a timed tour around the resort, we will be stopping in the lobby. Guests are almost always welcomed by one of the friendly greeters here, we will see our favorite (Arnel) later in the article.

The lobby was renovated less than 2 years ago, we have an article about that here.

The lobby is much more elegant than it was a few years back.

Artwork behind one of the check-in counters.

Kids can enjoy cartoons in this area themed in Mardi Gras colors.

The Jackson Square gift shop and the arcade can be found this way, or from outdoor entrances.

The lobby fountain is a focal point, and during Christmas there are always 4 trees – one in each corner.

Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter was founded in 1991, which is noted in this large doubloon that is seen above the fountain.

The Jackson Square gift shop is on the small side, I recommend also making a stop at Fulton’s General Store that is located in Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside – it is much larger and has some fun character figures!

The South Quarter Games Arcade is next door to Jackson Square.

The outside entrance to South Quarter games.

Disney’s Port Orleans Resort is two resorts in one – they used to be totally separate, and still mostly feel that way. But Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside Resort includes a sit-down restaurant (Boatwright’s Dining Hall), more recreation and a larger food court.

The Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory food court is located across the walkway (just steps from Jackson Square). We will stop inside later in the photo walk.

The timed walk starts right outside the Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory, with this view in front of us. I always photograph the walk first, and then time it later. Due to some light maintenance work that kept me from getting photos I wanted the first time, I ended up going back 3 times – so a few photos might not look quite as sunny as others.

The timed walk starts at 10:20am. We time the walks just to give an idea on how long the walk around the resort is. We take a right onto Rue D’Baga (I just love many of the street names!)

The pathways are very nicely done here.

We keep walking down Rue D’Baga, past Neptune’s Parade (which is where the pool and Neptune pool slide are).

Street corner signs for Rue D’Baga and Neptune’s Parade.

There are a total of just 7 guest buildings, each 3 stories. The first 3 buildings (1, 2 and 3) are in this direction. We are passing building 3 to the right.

Next, we turn at Rue D’Blues. Building 2 is on our left.

Corner of Rue D’Baga and Rue D’Blues.

We are following the path.

We will be turning right at Jazz Alley.

Building 2 sign.

The names of the “streets” are also noted on the ground.

We are now at Jazz Alley, turning right.

Building 1 is in front of us. One of the things I love about Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter is that even though it is small, there are several lovely parks to enjoy. One of those is on the left.

Every park area has a fountain. Each time I photograph this one, the flowers surrounding the fountain are different (making for unique photos). Guests can enjoy sitting on the benches that surround the fountain.

We took a left on Pontchartrain at 10:22 a.m., just 2 minutes after we started. Horses on stanchions line the streets.

We are walking toward Carriage Path, which lines the Sassagoula River.

Pontchartrain Way and Jazz Alley corner.

Building 1 is on the right.

Ragtime Alley and Pontchartrain Way corner.

Walking down Pontchartrain Way.

Pontchartrain Way name in the sidewalk.

We pass through these two gates and turn left on Carriage Path at 10:23 p.m.

Carriage Path sign.

This is a beautiful walk, especially if taken all around the river into Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside Resort. It is a great walk if you have time, and we will be redoing our photo walk of Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside Resort next week to show it.

It was too early for the boats to be running when I walked, but I recommend a ride down to Downtown Disney (soon to be Disney Springs). It is much more scenic than the bus, and much nicer than dealing with the current road construction.

Golfers can be seen in the distance, I believe this is Disney’s Lake Buena Vista Golf Course.

Guest buildings can be found along most of our walk.

The sea serpent slide is just visible.

Guest building #2 is on the left.

Most of the photo walks I’ve posted now are renamed as New Balance Running Trails.

Guests can board a boat to Downtown Disney or to Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside Resort here at the Sassagoula Steamboat Co. dock.

Signs point guests to either the walking path or the river cruise. Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter hasn’t offered bike or boat rentals in years, and actually there aren’t personal boat rentals at Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside anymore either.

A sign nearby lists recreation activities.

The Sassagoula River is on the right, and Doubloon Lagoon is coming up on the left.

The light construction I encountered the first day is ahead. I often have to get pick-up shots on another day for photo walks (and in this case, to time it as well).

Looking back as a carriage goes by with Cast Members inside. Guests can enjoy a carriage ride in the evenings ($) by calling Disney. In the background, King Neptune sits atop Scales the sea serpent.

Walking on carriage path, Doubloon Lagoon is to the left. We will be sharing more from Doubloon Lagoon further down in the article! We passed by King Neptune at 10:25 a.m., just 5 minutes after we started.

Carriage Path leads to Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside Resort, and we will be taking it down to the sign before turning around.

All of the guest buildings now are on the left.

Guests wishing to join the Cajun Campfire program on select evenings can walk to the left and to the French Quarter Green. We will be seeing the Green itself from the other side further down in the photo walk.

Building 6, which we start passing at 10:27 a.m.

The walk in the morning is usually very quiet.

A view of the Sassagoula River.

More of Building 6.

We will be heading through the gates on the left on the way back (they will then be on the right).

Guests wishing to visit Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside will find it after the bridge ahead, just a few more minutes to the main building.

We are turning back around at this sign for Port Orleans Riverside at 10:29 a.m.

Building 7 is now on the right hand side.

Building 7.

We are turning right onto Grand D’Toure.

We will be turning left at the guest building.

Grand D’Toure, meet Grand D’Toure.

Straight ahead of us is my favorite of the parks.

Benches line a pond.

Frogs deliver streams of water into the pond.

We pass through the park, and then walk along Rue D’Baga at 10:33 a.m. (the road we started on).

Rue D’Baga in the sidewalk.

We will be taking this down to where we started from.

Building 4 is on the right.

While Building 4 is on the right side, the French Quarter Green is on the left.

Cafe Au Lait Way.

The French Quarter Green is a large, open space with benches.

This fountain is at one end of the French Quarter Green.

The campfire program is on the other end.

Benches along the Green.

The other road that follows along the French Quarter Green is Cake Walk.

The campfire movie is shown every other day at Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter, alternating with Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside.

We pass Building 5 on the left.

Reveler’s Row flanks Doubloon Lagoon along with Neptune’s Parade.

Reveler’s Row.

We arrive back to where we began at 10:35 a.m. 15 minutes after we began. The timed portion of the photo walk is over, but we will be looking at Doubloon Lagoon, the food court and more.

Here is a look at the back of the main building first.

Turning around, we find great photo opportunities with this alligator band!

There is one jacuzzi.

Across from the jacuzzi is a playground for children ages 2-12.

Another alligator on the way to the pool, joyfully playing the tamborine.

Mardi Gras!

Doubloon Lagoon was opening at 10:00 a.m. on this day.

Mardi Grogs pool bar was not yet open.

More alligators can be found here at the pool.

Alligator on drums.

King Neptune rides on Scales, the 51 foot long sea serpent. Families with young kids love this pool area!

Guests can swim under the serpent.

The whimsical alligators can be seen underneath the serpent.

An alligator plays the saxaphone at the kid’s pool area.

Pool chairs.

An alligator with umbrella stays dry.

Another view of the pool.

The tail of the sea serpent extends out of the pool, this is near Mardi Grogs.

Bathrooms are located at the pool. Even the signs are nicely themed! Guests can also use a laundry at this building.

Palm trees frame the back entrance to the main building.

The Sassagoula Floatworks & Fireworks Factory is just beyond Scat Cat’s Lounge.

Mardi Gras theming is seen before guests even walk in.

Sassagoula Floatworks & Food Factory sign.

The food court area is fairly small, but guests also have access to the Riverside Mill food court at Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside Resort (we enjoy their customized pasta there).

The sun looks down from above.

I picked up some beignets. I have never been to New Orleans and have heard they are different than in the city, but they are a favorite treat when visiting here!

I always end up wearing powder when eating beignets.

Greeter Arnel heads up the Quarter Krewe Parade!

Here are a few more photos inside the food court.

Many years ago, Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter had a restaurant called Bonfamillies. It is now a Disney test kitchen. Nearby the doors, a piano plays itself.

Scat Cat’s Club started offering some food items recently.

Scat Cat’s.

Walt Disney with Louis Armstrong.

Here is a look at Scat Cat’s specialty food and drink menu as of this writing.

We will soon have an updated photo walk of Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside Resort! This is our 3rd photo walk over the past 8 years of Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter – and this resort is the most popular photo walk I’ve posted, even with the small size of the resort. If you are interested in Disney’s Port Orleans Resort, check out Portorleans.org for great information!

Which is your favorite Walt Disney World moderate resort?