Peter Pan’s Flight Interactive Queue – Worth Skipping Fastpass For (Photos, Video)

Hi everyone!

Peter Pan’s Flight at the Magic Kingdom recently introduced an interactive queue, so nicely done that we will be using Fastpass a little less on the attraction. I definitely recommend at least one visit through the new queue! What we really like about the interactive element is that there is no touching involved, yet it is highly effective. This was one of the least enjoyable queues prior to the addition, and is also one of the continuously longest waits in the park.

We went through Peter Pan’s Flight several times in an hour at the end of the evening last week. The line only said 20-30 minutes, but the second and third trips through were even less.

There is artwork in the first queue room. It is nice having the air conditioning throughout the queue, especially on hot days (or in this case, warmer on a cold evening).

Each piece of artwork has text beneath it. This one says, “This tale starts in Never Land, second star to the right, where we’ll join Peter Pan for an adventurous flight.”

Beneath the Mermaid Lagoon artwork, it says, “The journey will take us through a mermaid lagoon, where there’s splashing and playing all afternoon.”

Captain Hook, Mr. Smee and Tick Tock Croc are featured here, “We will pass Pirate’s Cove at the end of the day, to find Tick-Tock the crocodile chasing his prey.”

Peter Pan flies from Never Land. “Now Peter Pan leaves Never Land, Tinker Bell at his side, they fly off to London, where the Darlings reside.”

“In the skies above London, on this calm, sleepy night, Peter glides toward the city from stars shining bright.”

“On rooftops and spires, Peter and Tink soar. On toward the Darlings whom Peter adores.”

“Peter arrives at the Darlings’ to watch Wendy tell tales, of adventures in Never Land, where excitement prevails.”

Silhouettes of George and Mary Darling can be seen in the courtyard. This area reminds us of the Ratatouille queue (Ratatouille: L’Aventure Totalement Toquée de Rémy) at Disneyland Paris.


We enter the home, to find portraits of the family lining the wall.

Michael Darling.

Wendy Darling.

John Darling.

A window looking outside.

George Darling.

Mary Darling.


London is seen in the next window.

Pieces of artwork can be found on the walls.

Guests ring the bells in the nursery (where the kids play and sleep), we will see other effects below. While guests do stop and interact, there is plenty of room for other guests who might not want to interact to walk around. The queue is wheelchair accessible.

Here is our full video of the queue and ride.

A hutch holds toys and games.

Jack in the box.


Blocks, a chess game and more.

Nana’s milk and house.

John’s room is the first one of the three, with his hat and umbrella. The bed looks like a pirate ship.

Tinker Bell works her magic througout the rooms. These aren’t constant effects, sometimes you need to wait a minute or so to see them.

Pirate flag.

Tinker Bell flies through the room.

In Michael’s room, these blocks spell out Peter Pan.

Guests will find butterflies, which will land on hands that are outstretched.

Eventually the butterlies disappear, and Peter Pan arrives.

Peter Pan hangs upside down.

Tinker Bell now appears.

Not only are there butterflies, but the bells seen earlier in the article – and here, beyond Wendy’s room – are also interactive. I really like the non-touch aspect to this. Not only is it cleaner, but hopefully it will make it harder for effects to break down.

Wendy’s room includes her hair bows on the bed posts.

Peter Pan silhouette.

Most of the stickers on Wendy’s luggage are from Paris, but also from London, Manchester and Edinburgh.

Property of Wendy Darling.

Another Peter Pan silhouette near her bed.

This is a look at the queue after most guests had left.

Tinker Bell sprinkles a little Pixie Dust before guests enter the ride boarding area.

Definitely make time for this new queue! And here is our Mousesteps Weekly Show #134, which includes our discussion on the new queue.