Denise's Corner

Harmony Barber Shop at Magic Kingdom Reopens With New Look, Updated Prices

Hi everyone!

The Harmony Barber Shop at the Magic Kingdom reopened about a week ago after 6 weeks closed for refurbishment. Jeff and I both get our haircuts at Harmony, and were happy to see it open again! The design of the barber shop is different, and most of the prices are a little higher too (though not for the adult cut, which is still $19.00).

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The Harmony Barber Shop is tucked between the Emporium and the Car Barn. The refurbishment did not change the size of the shop or how many chairs it holds. There are still 3 chairs, now lined up against the wall in a row.

I believe the adult cut is the only one that didn’t change pricing. I’ve had quite a few women ask me if Harmony Barber Shop handles cuts for women, and they do. But there is no hair wash, hair color, etc. I started going a couple of years ago with Jeff because I didn’t want to have the upsell experience of hair products anymore. But more than that, the Cast Members here are all terrific and the view can’t be beat!

This is the new pricing. The Baby’s First Haircut is now $25, which is a significant change but it does come with a certificate and Mickey ears that say “My 1st Haircut”. The ears themselves would cost around $15.00 if bought separately. What is very different now is that Pixie Dust alone costs $7.00 and a Ponytail/Pigtail with Pixie Dust is $18.00. At that price, you might as well have a haircut too. I paid $19.00 and received a haircut, ponytail and pixie dust.

Current pricing:

Baby’s First Haircut: $25.00

Child’s Haircut: $18.00

Adult Haircut: $19.00

Bang Trim: $7.00

Beard Trim: $7.00

Pixie Dust Only: $7.00

Pigtail/Ponytail w/Pixie Dust: $18.00

No discounts.

The shop now has a wood paneling look to the wallpaper. I personally liked the old shop better, but I’m only in there for a short time every couple of months.

Here are Jeff and I getting our cuts. Jeff always goes to Michal, I don’t have anyone specfic I go to.

For those looking to bring their child in for a first haircut, here are the Mickey ears that come with it.

This is the certificate for the Child’s First Haircut.

Michal has been here a very long time, and is the favorite of most of our friends as well. I don’t think he’s cut my hair yet, mostly because Jeff is usually in the chair.

The decor is not yet finished – the wall here will have something hung on it. And the spacing between chairs is much wider so that the Cast Members have more room. But there is only one seating area instead of two, so that seems a little smaller. The cashier is now where one seating area used to be.

Reservations can be made, though few are available (we always walk in). Hours are listed as 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., but the shop was just closing up at 6:00 p.m. when I stopped by for a few minutes last week. Inquire for hours in person at the beginning of the day.