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Amphicars at Downtown Disney BOATHOUSE Restaurant in the Water; Photos & Video

Hi everyone!

Last month, we interviewed Schussler Creative CEO Steven Schussler about his upcoming restaurant at Walt Disney Word, the BOATHOUSE. Situated at Downtown Disney (soon to be Disney Springs) in the former Pleasure Island, the BOATHOUSE restaurant will be an upscale dining experience serving primarily steak and seafood. Yesterday we enjoyed watching the amphicars as they took to the lake. This first photo is the view from Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort with Characters in Flight and Planet Hollywood in frame.

We just updated some details on here on April 13th, now that the BOATHOUSE is open. The amphicars are $125.00 for 3 guests for a 20 minute ride.

A red amphicar gets ready to head back to the BOATHOUSE.

The BOATHOUSE is located just a few minute walk from Characters in Flight.

A red amphicar heads down the ramp.

Here is our video of the amphicars in the water! The cars drew a lot of interest from Downtown Disney guests.

A white car travels up the ramp.

Small rubber ducks sit in the window of the amphicar.

We were told that rubber ducks would be for sale in the BOATHOUSE shop, I’m not sure if these particular ducks will be there.

So much has changed at Downtown Disney as it becomes Disney Springs. Anyone who hasn’t been there for a few months would hardly recognize it!

There is very little left of Pleasure Island, but this sign still is up.

There is a porthole for Downtown Disney guests to watch as the cars drive off and then arrive back.

The landscape of Downtown Disney is changing rapidly, which is easy to see from Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort or on a boat ride between the Downtown Disney West End and Marketplace docks.

Fulton’s is situated to the left here of The BOATHOUSE.

An amphicar enters the view.

This is a look between Fulton’s and Characters in Flight.

Entertainment filled the seats next to the BOATHOUSE in the evening.

There is a menu on the Walt Disney World website for the BOATHOUSE. We haven’t heard anything about possible discounts or whether the Disney Dining Plan will eventually be accepted, but that is standard for new restaurants. The BOATHOUSE is managed by Gibson’s Group out of Chicago, which runs a very highly rated steakhouse. This will be the first non-Landry’s restaurant for Schussler Creative at Walt Disney World.