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Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar Opens at Disney Springs: Food & Drink Review; Detailed Tour

Hi everyone!

We ended up being first in line for the opening of Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar yesterday. It wasn’t planned. Friends told us they’d be there at around 8:30 a.m., so I dropped Jeff off on the way to an appointment and nobody else had arrived yet. I met up with him for the Grand Opening. The Cast Members kept everything extremely organized, taking names from the time Jeff arrived so that guests entered in order of arrival. It was a very impressive way to kick off the opening of this new location at Disney Springs (Downtown Disney officially becomes Disney Springs on September 29th, 2015). We spent several hours at Jock Lindsey’s, trying a variety of drinks and several generously portioned appetizers. I cut down my photos to just over 100, but there is so much to look at that I could have posted double from the 500 or so we took.

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Downtown Disney/Disney Springs Vice President Keith Bradford joined Disney Ambassadors Nathaniel Palma and Caitlin Busscher, along with other Cast Members in opening Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar. It was a very nice touch to have the opening ceremony available to all who were there.

The ribbon was cut.

Cast Members were also part of the ceremony.

We often follow construction projects from the beginning, and it is always fun to see the outcome. I am not a Indiana Jones afficianado in any way, so Indiana Jones tributes are lost on me. We did watch Raiders of the Lost Ark recently just so I could remember who Jock Lindsey was. But I did enjoy many other tributes, including several to the beloved Adventurers Club. I still miss the original club, I think it would have worked well with Disney Springs. But Disney moves forward, as has always been the case.

Disney says of Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar:

Jock made a home at this waterfront property in the 1940s after discovering this charming little town while flying Indiana Jones over the Sunshine State in search of the elusive Fountain of Youth in 1938. As a member of the Society of Explorers and Adventurers, Jock often welcomed his globetrotting friends to his hangar for a drink and fun times.

Guests can receive a text message to tell them when their table is ready. Reservations are not available for the 150 seat bar.

We sat at the bar for our drinks and food. Some mild interaction happens here, like a gong for one drink. But it doesn’t go nearly as far as Trader Sam’s, which is fine with me. Here is our video tour of Jock Lindsey’s, including food, the Grand Opening and more! 100+ photos follow.

The Pilot’s Log Book is the menu. It features a wide variety of libations, along with 9 appetizers.

Jeff enjoyed seeing his first name in the front of the book.

Jeff had a chance to preview it early.

I recognize the Society For Explorers and Adventurers from Tokyo Disney merchandise. We were planning to try 4 appetizers, but ended up with just 3 and barely made it through those. The portions are generous, and the Snack of Ra was substantial. It was more than enough for a meal. The one thing I would suggest is that Disney should give more information than what is here. The Snack of Ra sounds like a vegetarian option (and it can be made into one), but there was quite a bit of chicken doro in it. For those who don’t want chicken or those who do, it should be added here. I’ll show that appetizer below, but it was one of the best food items I’ve had at Walt Disney World in quite some time. The bar does have its own kitchen, and they do food prep in it too.

We tried a number of drinks, which we’ll show after the menu pages. I believe there are 16 signature drinks, which is quite a lot.

This is the Florida section of the menu. You’ll notice the log mentions crash landing in a small orange grove outside “Little Central Florida” and that it could “really use a good bar”.

The Cool-Headed Monkey will be able to be purchased in a souvenir mug – when the mug comes in. I think other drinks can be served in it as well, and I’m not really sure why it is taking so long on the mugs. First-day crowds always are ready to spend!


Prices are listed here.

This was our favorite drink. With Starr African Rum, Van Der Hum Tangerine Liqueur, lime juice, watermelon and pineapple juice, this is a drink that goes down quickly and is easily reordered – very refreshing.

The Hovito Mojito will also be served in a souvenir glass (for an extra cost), and comes with Barsol Quebranta Pisco, lime juice, mint, simple syrup and soda water. It was good but not anything special apart from similar drinks.

Jeff ordered the Lao Che’s Revenge, which is spicy Asian chicken wings “direct from Club Obi Wan”. At $12.99, this was enough for a meal portion for him. They aren’t spicy, and Jeff would order them again. Actually, we would order any of the three appetizer items again.

The Snack of Ra costs $11.99 and features African salads and dips with injera and naan crisps. I am not sure why they are called naan crisps, they are more soft like pita bread. The chicken doro is on the lower right hand side, and I now need a good recipe for it! There is a lot of flavor, but it isn’t spicy in a hot way.

The injera is below the top level of bread and dips. I’ve had this item at an Ethopian restaurant previously, it reminds me of a thin pancake.

The Safari Sangria was probably the strongest drink I tried. It features South African red wine with Van Der Hum Tangerine Liqueur.

Reggie’s Revenge includes Florida Cane “Orlando Orange” Vodka, Midori Melon Liquer, white cranberry juice and lime juice. The Cool-Headed Monkey was Jeff’s favorite, but he liked having a takeaway souvenir with this one.

Neither of us were still hungry, but we wanted to try one more item. We chose the Rolling Boulder Sliders for $9.99. The dish features three spicy meatball sliders with yogurt sauce. Honestly, they were very good but I had a hard time eating any more food. We recommend starting with one appetizer per person or less and going from there. Each item we had was excellent and I’ve heard the same about almost everything.

If anything, I do think that the Hangar Bar could use a couple of dessert options. There are other places nearby to get dessert, from The BOATHOUSE to Vivoli Gelato – but an option or two here would be nice for those who want to finish the meal in a sweet way.

Our bartender David did a great job keeping everything coming.

Jeff enjoys one of his drinks.

Here is a closer look at the souvenir Reggie stirrer that comes with Reggie’s Revenge. There is no restaurant logo on it.

There is a large map of Jock’s travels behind the bar that includes the Hangar Bar (“Home Sweet Hangar”).

Here is a look around the restaurant. There are going to be items of interest to Indiana Jones fans, though I don’t know what they all are.

One of the nods to the Adventurers Club is the passport belonging to Samantha Sterling.

A reference to R2-D2.

The Diving Bell booth looks really cool, but I wouldn’t want to sit inside due to the way sound is affected.

Jock watches over the Hangar Restaurant construction.

Iron Man.

Reggie’s Revenge.

Beers on tap include Orlando Brewing IPA 4 and Kingfisher.

Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve Whiskey Bourbon is used in the Air Pirate’s Mule, which Jeff eventually tried as well.

More posters, artifacts and decor.

Can you find the adventurers from the Adventurers Club?

Newspaper clippings talk about the Springs.

Air Pirates Circus jacket.

The postcards are written to Jock Lindsay in “Springs, Florida”.

Take some time to peruse “The Source Gazzette” papers on the wall.

Springs Rail Line ad.

George Harrison crashes plane.

I enjoyed reading the articles, though I’m not sure why Gazette is spelled with 2 z’s. Maybe it is a 1940’s thing!

A diving bell appears. And the last name of Jock Lindsey mysteriously becomes Lindsay (an error I’ve personally made many times).

Here is a look at the full “The Source Gazzette”.

Adventurers help open the bar.

Here is a closer look at some of the stories.

Springs Brand Mineral Water.

B. Gagsy.

One of my favorite articles is “Giggle Gang Bullies the Springs”.

The outdoor seating area is nice, with a lovely view of Disney Springs. Guests can also sit in the boat Reggie.

The BOATHOUSE is next door. Check out our review from opening here.

Guests sit at the bar.

Jock Lindsey on the Reggie.

Dart board.

A Cast Member tends bar.

Another nod to the Adventurers Club.

Seating in the Reggie looks comfortable.

Interesting specimens on the shelf.

A dinosaur tooth.

These are menus you wouldn’t want to order from.

The Reggie from behind it.

We definitely recommend a visit to Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar!