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Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights 2015 Photos & Video: 20th and Final Year to Enjoy This Holiday Tradition

Hi everyone!

The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights soft opened last night in advance of the November 6th official kickoff date. We knew ahead of time that November 1st was planned for an early “sneak peek” (via the online Passholder newsletter), though it looked to be originally an Annual Passholder/Cast Member viewing for 5 days. Instead, the Osborne Lights display was available to all guests, including a few we spoke with who had never seen the lights and would never have if not for the early opening. After 2 months of Halloween, we were ready for some Christmas cheer! And as I’d expected from seeing decorations as they were installed, this year is better than ever. Many new details were added for guests to enjoy during the 20th and final year of the Osborne Lights.

I didn’t take a photo of the Osborne cat. I have enough spoilers here, I didn’t want to spoil anyone’s fun finding it!

The last day for the Osborne Lights is scheduled for January 6th, 2016 (date extended).

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Signage is up in many places for the Osborne Lights, including in front of the park. It was very warm on the first day!

The Osborne Spectacle of Dancing Lights is on the schedule already.

Another sign is seen along the route to the Osborne Lights.

There is a “That’s a Wrap” long sleeve t-shirt for $32.95.

If you missed the Annual Passholder t-shirt at the Disney Store, it was available last night as well.

Osborne Lights ornament.

These ears were a popular item! They don’t say that they are Osborne Light specific, but are well themed to the area. They can also be found online (affiliate link).

This mug will make a nice souvenir.

There are some themed treats. We went instead for pretzels, including a pumpkin spice pretzel that was delicious.

The Writer’s Stop was decorated for the holidays.

We arrived about 45 minutes early for the first lighting.

I wrote an article weeks ago about the new Muppet garland. Since then, plush characters have been dangled from railings.

Animal hangs upside down.

Miss Piggy sits above her pink garland (notice the eyes?)

Jennings Osborne and family have their stockings up as always.

New this year is this Mary Poppins penguin.

I’d never noticed this “Dan” nametag before, but we were told it has been there for a number of years. It is a tribute to a former Cast Member who worked on the Osborne Lights.

The Osborne Lights were being lit around 6:00 p.m.

A family was chosen to help flip the switch.

Snow began to fall.

Goofy helped the family turn the Osborne Lights on.

Seeing it for the first time this year was wonderful and bittersweet, knowing that 2 months are left and then the display will be gone.

Here is our video of the lighting!

This was my view, looking up from where we were standing.

Here is our video tour of the display, followed by many more photos.

Holiday bells adorn this building.

A tiny Olaf can be found in a window.

Reindeer fly overhead.

The Peace on Earth Globe is one of the centerpieces of the display.

We took a quick break to see Santa Goofy. Goofy is meeting where Sorcerer Mickey had been, and there is a new backdrop here. It is a much more comfortable experience than the former location.

Santa Goofy strikes a pose.

We waited about 20 minutes, but the line will probably get much longer through the season.

Here is a video of our meet and greet with Santa Goofy.

The location under the Peace on Earth Globe that will be used for dessert parties (and then dinners at the end of the season) was open for guests to sit in.

These are the special drinks that were available to purchase.

Not a far walk away, Jack Skellington peered out the window.

Mickey and Minnie enjoy a picnic, complete with “Frozen” cups.

Coke is inside the cooler.

Goofy appears to be taking a nap in this toy plane.

Olaf waves from an apartment stoop.

New this year are lit flowers in windows.

Scrooge McDuck looks out from this window.

Back to the penguin for a night view.

One of the more popular locations was Tony’s Restaurant, with a table set out for Lady and Tramp.

Nemo can be found in a window.

There are several different scenarios the lights rotate through, including the hidden Mickey (above).

Hidden MIckey’s can be found throughout the display.

Tinker Bell can be found above a “20” for 20 years of the Osborne Lights.

Mickey atop a building.

Santa Claus is holding a sack of toys.

This is near the Star Wars: The Force Awakens window and looks to be in the same colors with an “S” in the middle.

Symbols for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” are in this window.

Across the way, Kermit the Frog sits on a ledge. I love all the different additions this year!

The Osborne Spectacle of Dancing Lights moniker.

An elf sits on a shelf.

The Osborne Electric Co. features the story of the Osborne Lights.

Stand in front of the monitors for a few minutes for a look at the history, from Arkansas to Walt Disney World, from Residential Street to the current location.

Residential Street homes. I still remember them.

This is what the lights looked like in front of the homes.

The lights moved after 2004.

Christmas trees overhead.

A bicycle sits in front of the China Bowl.

Roger Rabbit is in the back.

Mr. Potato Head as Santa can be seen in the window.

Stitch sits in the tire.

Santa is back in the Police vehicle, with a basketball hoop and Mickey shaped basketballs.

Santa Claus.

A hidden Mickey includes a red bow.

The snowman is back again.

The Dalmatians keep multiplying each year!

Naughty wants to get into the house, Nice is sitting patiently outside.

We love all the decorations on the pups this year!

The dog bone above the door says “Noel”.

Baby Sinclair is in the window, and a 2015 is noted too.

This is another look at Jack Skellington.

Two different exposures of the same scene.

Stuffed animals drive cars.

The lit teddy bear is back behind Mickey and Minnie.

Carolers wave.

I always look for the leg lamp.

Jack Skellington is back this year in lights.

Wreaths again can be found at the end of the light canopy.

A sign tribute to Jennings Osborne.

A Nutcracker soldier stands at attention.

The umbrella is lit up.

More lights adorn a building.

Mickey Mouse meets Santa.

The train is back this year, with Mickey driving.

Angels fly above the candles.

Toy soldiers can be found in a couple of areas.

Two soldiers flank this entrance.

Hanukkah is celebrated here.

Mickey and Minnie.

Peace on Earth and Merry Christmas!

Looking toward the globe from further away.

Santa and his reindeer overhead.

So many lights can be viewed from this location!

A horse-drawn sleigh pulls its riders.

A fire hydrant appears to be spouting water.

Carolers are back in this location.

Elves exit the subway.

The Osborne family stockings hang above the fire.

The Nativity has been a longtime guest favorite.

Will you be attending the final year of the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights?