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Rivers of Light Testing at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park with Four Animal Floats & Lantern Vessels

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We were at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park today to check out the progress on “Rivers of Light”, the nighttime show no longer is scheduled for April 22nd. There was show testing going on, quite a bit with the four “animal spirit” floats and two lantern vessels on Discovery River. As of today, there is nothing posted about hours, dining packages, Fastpass reservations, etc. Hopefully very soon! This will be the first nighttime show for Disney’s Animal Kingdom park. I was there in 1998 for opening day, it has been a long time coming as the park continues to evolve.

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These photos and video go from day until near sunset. Disney says about the upcoming show, ” In ‘Rivers of Light,’ a pair of mystical hosts come to the river bearing gifts of light. During the show, the hosts set out from the shore on elaborate lantern vessels for a dramatic dance of water and light to summon animal spirits.” Two lantern vessels eventually made their way out onto the river. From the beginning, Disney has described the show as “live music, floating lanterns, water screens and swirling animal imagery.”

Rivers of Light will begin with an ancient lantern festival, and there are four Animal Spirit Guides. These can be seen here: The owl, tiger, turtle and elephant. The largest floats measure 15 feet tall and 30 feet long. These lantern floats will have “innovative” LED technology, lit from inside.

Expedition Everest makes a perfect backdrop for the floats.

This is concept art from Disney that shows what some of these floats will look like in the show.

Copyright Disney

Here is our video, and then continue for more photos!

An elephant and baby elephant make an impressive pair.

The tiger from the side.

And here it is from the front.

This photo is from Disney, showing the tiger glowing.

Copyright Disney

A turtle and baby turtle are next.

The petals will open up during the show.

Here is a wider view of the testing.

The owls are on the right.

Looking toward a show building.

I was glad to see this area back again, after being behind a fence for so long.

Everest is in the background.

5000 seats are available for guests, and Rivers of Light should be shown 3 times per day, at least for a while.

The blue lantern vessel eventually arrived on the water.

Lights can be seen here to the left.

The red lantern vessel joined the blue one near sunset time.

Expedition Everest was taking it’s last few riders as the park closed. I still had time for more photos.

The lantern vessels were side by side.

Lighting could be seen past the float.

Here comes the tiger and the elephants again.

And here is concept art from Disney, showing the imagery that guests may see during the show. The two lantern vessels flank the center.

Copyright Disney

Are you looking forward to Rivers of Light?

Copyright Disney