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Writer’s Stop at Disney’s Hollywood Studios Remains Open, Changes Menu (Carrot Cake Cookie Now Only at Sweet Spells)

Hi everyone!

We were at Disney’s Hollywood Studios yesterday to see the new Star Wars offerings and check out the walled-off areas of the park. But also, I was very interested to see what was going on with the Writer’s Stop, which originally seemed to be on the list for being demolished along with the rest of the Streets of America. The Writer’s Stop is now part of the newly named “Muppets Courtyard” according to Disney, and is going to become more of a lounge area as opposed to a bookstore selling baked goods. The baked goods – including the extremely popular Carrot Cake Cookie – are no longer there, as the location began selling a charcuterie board, a pretzel and nuts. There is now alcohol being sold as well. But you can still purchase the Carrot Cake Cookie at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, it has been sold at Sweet Spells for at least a year or two and still is. Take a look at the Writer’s Stop from the past few days!

I don’t know if the location will be renamed, I would be surprised if it isn’t since the theme was a coffee shop (originally Ellen’s Buy The Book) – and it isn’t a coffee shop anymore. (Update April 18th: It seems the Carrot Cake Cookies made a quick return!)

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This is what the location looked like yesterday. Gone were the muffins, cookies, and other popular items. The case wasn’t nearly full at this point. I’m surprised they didn’t at least keep the Carrot Cake Cookie, we were told by a Cast Member a couple of days ago that they received 12 trays each day (10 cookies per tray) from the Brown Derby Bakery.

Here is the current menu, which includes 3 food items and then quite a few beer, wine and alcohol options.

Even though there is little I’d eat on this Charcuterie Board (the grapes and raspberries), it seems a reasonable price at $7.49 and is included on the Disney Dining Plan.

Here is a look at a board in the case.

The Warm Pretzel with Cheese Sauce is $5.69, also on the Disney Dining Plan.

The Sugar-Spiced Nuts are $4.99, and also a snack credit on the Disney Dining Plan.

The Writer’s Stop so far seems to be more about serving alcohol than anything else, and there is a decent selection of beer here.

Just a couple of days ago, the cases were filled with pastry items.

If you’ve never had a Carrot Cake Cookie, I highly recommend it – and I also recommend splitting it (it’s huge). The Writer’s Stop had offered this dessert for years, it was a signature item. It is like a whoopie pie, but in carrot cake and cream cheese form.

Those trays of 10 I mentioned? Here is one still wrapped in plastic.

You can still find the Carrot Cake Cookie and other desserts at Sweet Spells inside Beverly Sunset.

And here is one last look from yesterday, at the view outside the Writer’s Stop.

What do you think of the changes to the Writer’s Stop?