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Epcot Germany Garden Railway Adds Miniature Food & Wine Festival Signage & Decor a Month Ahead of Event

Hi everyone!

The Epcot Germany Garden Railway is the setting for miniature festivals and Christmas at the same time that Epcot celebrates each year. For 2016, the miniature village apparently will be celebrating at least an extra month of the Epcot Food & Wine Festival, with banners, tables, and an Oktoberfest booth already in place. Not yet there this year (I’m not sure if they are coming) are other booths that have been in the display during previous years (including a Greece booth). Take a look at what is happening in the village! The Epcot Food & Wine Festival runs this year from September 14th – November 14th, 2016.

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It was a gorgeous (but humid) day yesterday upon arrival to Epcot. I received a surprise email from out-of-town family yesterday morning saying they were in town and headed to Epcot, and there is never a bad time for an unexpected visit to my favorite WDW park!

Before heading to Germany, this was the first time I’d seen Monorail Orange without its Zootopia wrap since it was added early this year.

I noticed the banners within the village quickly, it’s always fun to see changes to the display. I was just surprised how early it was this year.

Tiny Epcot Food & Wine Festival bannners can be seen here.

Up close on the Epcot Food & Wine Festival banners that say “Taste Epcot”. This should be the banner design this year.

Villagers are enjoying food and drink at small tables past the “Wilkommen” sign.

Here is a closer look, as the village celebration mirrors the Epcot Food & Wine Festival (at least to some extent).

An Oktoberfest booth is set up.

I don’t remember the kissing couple from previous displays.

These village residents seem oblivious to the event.

Here is a look at the 2014 display. The village center had banners, but the rest of the add-ons hadn’t been included yet (and this was at the kickoff of the Festival in September).

It will be interesting to see if anything more is added in coming weeks. The Epcot Food & Wine Festival is still a month away!