Mickey’s Halloween Party Review and Photos (Over 100), Video from First Party at Disneyland 2017

Hi everyone!

We attended the first Mickey’s Halloween Party on September 20th, 2017 at Disneyland. It has been a couple of weeks since then, I have been a little behind on some articles (I did previously post an article on 11 Things to See and Do at the Disneyland Resort for Halloween). It is now at about the halfway point for Party nights, which end on Halloween night. There is SO much to see and do at the Disneyland Resort for Halloween that the Party really is just icing on the cake. And honestly, I enjoyed the Party as much as I do the Walt Disney World version. There are about 110 photos here and some videos as well.

We paid our own way to the Party and our trip.

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Before checking out the photos, here is our Mousesteps Weekly show #241, we talk all about Mickey’s Halloween Party and have a fantastic Disneyland Paris marathon weekend segment by Curious Axel with tons of characters.

Disneyland closes early for Mickey’s Halloween Party nights. The first Party was sold out, however the second was originally sold out but there were tickets at the gate. So you may still luck out and be able to go even if you don’t have tickets in hand.

Cast Members have the same costumes for the Party as at Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party at Walt Disney World.

This year, guests can visit Disney California Adventure on the Party ticket and enjoy Mickey’s Toontown for early trick-or-treating and characters. Mickey’s Toontown closes to Party guests when the official Party starts.

Cast Members were ready to hand out Halloween trick-or-treat bags.

The Evil Queen was in Town Square. This was a little before we could enter for the Party, we planned to pick up our Party wristband inside the park.

While we planned to pick up our Party wristband inside the park, it didn’t turn out that way. The one location at the Starcade was having ticketing issues and there didn’t seem to be many Cast Members working it. We were told several times it was effecting the front entrance as well, but it wasn’t. So we waited here 45 minutes until I noticed on Twitter that guests were able to get in the front of the park quickly. We were in Starcade but weren’t close to picking up our wristband when we left.

We walked to the front of the park and then waited a minute or two and walked in the front gate with our tickets. This was a much better experience and I liked seeing the Mickey’s Halloween Party decorations on the way in. I still don’t know what happened with ticketing, but I recommend going in this way.

Mickey as a ghost for the Party.

The Halloween Mickey inflatables are for the Party, balloons are sold all day long. There isn’t much that isn’t sold all day, from at least some of the merchandise to the balloons to the treats. It is nice not being locked into a short time period for purchasing. Even Annual Passholder t-shirts could be found in one shop and Oogie Boogie popcorn buckets were in both parks – Paradise Pier the shortest line for it.

Unlike the wristbands inside the park, Mickey’s Toontown was VERY organized as far as getting guests lined up and inside. Not that I completely understood what line was what, but once inside it was pretty easy. The lines inside Mickey’s Toontown were bigger for candy than characters. I thought it’d be really busy, and it was somewhat – but not nearly what I expected.

Lines were on the ground for guests to wait between.

Looking back at the lines forming.

We were let in right at 5:00 p.m. – we stayed for much of the allotted time until the Party officially started.

Our first stop was Zorro Mickey. We haven’t seen this costume in person before – nor many of the costumes we saw on that day.

Here is our video with Zorro Mickey.

Zorro Mickey changed out with Donald Duck, so guests could either meet Mickey or Donald.

We didn’t wait too long since he was our first meet in Toontown.

Before showing some other characters, there are a few Treat Trails in Mickey’s Toontown. One is at Donald’s boat, one is around the Roger Rabbit fountain and then also through Mickey and Minnie’s houses. We only did maybe 3 treat stops total, two of them I did were here. Mickey and Minnie’s house had about 8 locations inside them. There are healthy treats too, though some Cast Members had Craisins and candy, but you couldn’t have both (I watched a few people ask). And you could get carrots or apples at some, but not both. Of course, you can go around as often as you want so it isn’t that big a deal. There are a LOT of treat stops throughout the park. I really like the variety of both healthy and sweet treats.

The Treat Trail entrance at Mickey and Minnie’s houses looked long but it didn’t take too much time (first we were meeting more characters).

Minnie Mouse was in her candy corn costume.

Daisy Duck in her witch costume was entering while we were having our photo taken.

This is our video with Minnie Mouse in her Candy Corn dress.

A friend said he really enjoyed the treat locations here, so we went through.

A Cast Member has a big bucket of candy. We filled up a lot of our bags within the houses. The candy isn’t just Mars, it is Mars, Hershey’s and other candy pieces – a big variety and then healthy and other snack items at some. We didn’t see all the different snacks, but I noticed Pirates Booty at one that we didn’t go to and I think we ended up with Cheez-Its too.

It was fun just to be walking through Mickey and Minnie’s houses.

Here is a look at Mickey’s house.

Goofy also was greeting guests in costume.

After we finished in Mickey’s Toontown, we started toward Tomorrowland to get dinner. There are other character opportunities but we didn’t have time to stop in Fantasyland.

We did pass some candy locations along the way.

The Pixar Pals Halloween Dance Party was going on in Tomorrowland. Most of the movies posted here are represented during the dance party. Inside Out was not.

Frozone was dancing as part of the Incredibles contingent.

Mike Wazowski and Sulley were there for Monsters, Inc.

We were heading to Red Rockett’s Pizza Port. A Cast Member checked our wristbands on the way in. The restaurant was very empty at that time, it was a good time to stop for a quick meal.

The inflatables were lit up.

We headed briefly to New Orleans Square. Zero was projected. We didn’t meet Jack and Sally during the Party, they meet during the day as well.

Fog was on the Rivers of America just as I remember back from 2010.

The Cadaver Dans are fantastic! You can hear the Dapper Dans singing similar songs during the day, but it really lends to the Party atmosphere having them on the Rivers of America.

Here is our video of the Cadaver Dans singing Grim Grinning Ghosts.

Another aspect I remember from 2010 was the talking scarecrow in Frontierland.

The Golden Horshoe had a Mickey ghost inflatable.

One of my favorite things at the Party was the music with projections playing on Main Street and on Sleeping Beauty Castle. This was really fun!

Villain’s Square was set up for Maleficent, The Evil Queen, Gaston and Dr. Facilier.

Maleficent and the Evil Queen swapped out, and had among the longer character lines. Not that the line was bad, maybe 45 minutes or so when we considered jumping in but we wanted to get a spot for the parade.

Mickey’s Halloween Party projection.

Dr. Facilier.

The Evil Queen was waiting to take her spot.

The Evil Queen stared at me.

One of the Mickey ghost inflatables was green at this point.

Back to Main Street! The projections run through a number of different songs and the projections are also themed to the songs.

The Nightmare Before Christmas is part of the projections.

We had a survey Cast Member named Jess who came by, she is a fantastic Cast Member!

We watched the Frightfully Fun Parade twice. The first parade had a glitch with Jack and Sally’s float which delayed it midway about 15 minutes, that ended up pushing the fireworks and second parade later by about the same amount of time. But it was fun to see the parade twice, although I was hoping to run around the park for the last 15 or so minutes of the Party.

The Frightfully Fun Parade was new last year and is terrific. It starts with a very slow Headless Horseman in a pre-parade of sorts with Ichabod Crane. I posted my photos in order of when I shot them as far as the parades, and most of the parade pics are from the other direction with the big Mickey pumpkin in view. Neither parade felt too busy along the route, overall the sold-out Party didn’t feel too crowded except for maybe the New Orleans Square area.

Here is the full video, and then some photos from both parades we watched.

Mickey and Minnie are in the parade, and they would be the only aspect that isn’t on the darker side. By dark, I just mean like Haunted Mansion, Nightmare Before Christmas, villains, etc. – you won’t find Country Bears and Winnie the Pooh characters here.

I will show more photos of the Nightmare Before Christmas section below with the pumpkin background, I do recommend the second parade on Main Street (as long as it continues to head from that direction for the second parade).

Jack and Sally ended up stuck here for a bit, all of the performers did a great job during the delay.

Ballroom dancers.

One more photo of the ballroom dancers.

This is a great float, the Haunted Mansion float with Hitchhiking Ghosts.

Hitchhiking Ghosts.

The side of the Haunted Mansion float with projections.

There are grave diggers. They are dressed differently than at Walt Disney World but it is otherwise similar.

The caretaker.

Each float is elaborate in its own way, not like just a platform with characters. The float for Dr. Facilier is really nicely detailed.

Dr. Facilier.

Ursula is new this year and is very popular.

There are plenty of villains, including Captain Hook, the Red Queen and more that we will see later.

Governor Ratcliffe.

Cruella DeVil and Hades on the villains float.

The Evil Queen.

Judge Frollo.

Heading back the other way, with the Mickey pumpkin in view. Here is Ichabod Crane.

The Headless Horseman meanders down the street.

The opening float for the Frightfully Fun Parade.

Mickey and Minnie, who I believe were new to the parade this year as well.

The Mayor of Halloweentown.

Here is another look at the Mayor.

More from The Nightmare Before Christmas section.

Jack and Sally’s float is really nice with pumpkins and Zero.

Sally waves.


The ballroom dancers.

The Haunted Mansion float.

Another couple of photos of the Hitchhiking Ghosts.

Dr. Facilier float from this angle.

There are actually a lot of details to this float, I could probably have a full post just on each float.

Ursula with the Mickey pumpkin behind her.

Lady Tremaine, Anastasia, Drizella, the Red Queen, Captain Hook and more villains arrive.

Anastasia with Governor Ratcliffe.

We were on the opposite sides of the floats, so Hades was easier to photograph. Notice Maleficent behind him.


One last look at Hades with Cruella on the opposite side.

The Evil Queen.

She offers an apple.

Jafar is also on the float.

Gaston is on the back of the float. I think he is also new for 2017.

Illuminated Mickeys at night.

In between the two parade showings, the Halloween Screams fireworks show went on. I didn’t have a great view of it, the viewing is better closer to Sleeping Beauty Castle. There was also no fireworks finale. We were told the fireworks cut off at 10:00 p.m. because of a curfew, since they started late it hit 10:00 p.m. But the projections still went on during the finale, and I enjoyed that part of it. Due to wind, it isn’t unusual for a fireworks show not to go on or to stop occasionally, so I was glad to have seen most of the show.

During the show I moved so I could see more of the projections here instead of the fireworks.

These are fun and include Oogie Boogie and Jack Skellington.

Oogie Boogie in purple.

Oogie Boogie in green.

Jack Skellington hosts it. Zero flies past him here.

And I really enjoyed watching the projections on Sleeping Beauty Castle at the end of the night as music played.

Here are a few more photos of that.

Pluto, Goofy, Chip, Dale and Donald said goodbye to everyone.

The big Mickey pumpkin is one of the busiest photo locations in either park, if not the busiest. It almost always has a line, day or night.

After the initial ticket glitch, the Party ended up being a lot of fun. I definitely would go again!