Park Holidays

Epcot’s Living with the Land Boat Ride Adds More Christmas Decorations for 2017

Hi everyone!

Living with the Land is one of my favorite places to enjoy holidays at Epcot, and the greenhouses are more festive than ever for 2017! Christmas decorations can be found throughout this boat ride inside The Land, and it’s a bonus that isn’t shown on any schedule. I started calling it Living with the Land Holiday last year, it just seems to fit.

There are new signs up throughout the ride, and the sandman snowman is more fun than ever as he holds onto his skis.

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Living with the Land has long been one of my favorite attractions at Epcot. There is also a Behind the Seeds tour here, we need to revisit that for an updated review. The ride can be very busy, so I recommend a Fastpass for it. Yesterday it topped an hour early in the day, but was only 10 minutes at the point I took this photo.

Christmas ornaments and water lilies.

A penguin stands behind two vanilla plants.

Last year, there was garland with some lights inside this location that houses fish. This year, there are lights.

Happy Holidays from Living with the Land along with some bows.

A wreath made of cotton.

Another wreath is made of sunflowers.

Last year, the reindeer had a red nose. But he’s back without it.

I don’t remember any wreaths last year, and they are all different and unique this year.

Winter melons again have bows.

This wreath is made of peppers.

It was still daylight out, but there are Christmas lights here that wrap around the poles.

This tree is decorated with ornaments again this year.

Lettuce is wrapped as a gift

And new are these stockings and snowflake decorations at the Biotechnology Lab.

Stockings have names.

A giant ornament sits in the window.

And another “gift” of plants.

I hope the decorations continue for many years to come, I always look forward to them now.

We will be bringing you even more of the holidays at Walt Disney World and elsewhere through the end of the season!