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Epcot to Disney’s Hollywood Studios Photo Walk 2018 Via the Walt Disney World BoardWalk

Hi everyone!

Here is my Epcot to Disney’s Hollywood Studios photo walk for 2018 via the Walt Disney World BoardWalk in about 135 photos on 2 pages. I plan to update a lot of my photo walks for 2018. I keep waiting until there aren’t so many changes happening but that isn’t anytime soon – for example, I’ve been waiting until Disney Springs (formerly Downtown Disney) was “done” to update that – but now I have a vintage photo walk from 2007 with nothing newer. So even with DisneyQuest torn down and other changes, I will have a new walk there soon.

The walk between Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios is my favorite on property, I have taken it hundreds of times. Epcot is my favorite park at Walt Disney World, and the walk to Disney’s Hollywood Studios is easy, scenic and functional. There are wonderful restaurants and some shops along the way. I will be starting at the International Gateway within Epcot just to show how to leave if in the park, but the timed portion of the walk will start outside the gates.

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I have been surprised how many followers of mine on social media don’t know you can walk between Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios, so here is a look at how to leave Epcot if you are inside the park. Between the United Kingdom and France in World Showcase is this path that leads outside the park.

World Traveler is ahead to the right, it is a smaller shop where you can find mostly the same merchandise you can buy elsewhere in the park.

The best part of the shop for me are the character window displays, there are several. They are also harder to photograph during the day so I didn’t.

Guests can take a Friendship Boat or walk to Disney’s Hollywood Studios or the resorts around Crescent Lake.


I almost never take the boats, I like the walk and it is almost always faster for me to do so.

To the left is the Friendship Boat dock. To the right is where the Disney Skyliner gondola system is being built. It will be another connection to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It will also connect to Disney’s Art of Animation and Disney’s Pop Century Resorts, and Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort and upcoming Disney’s Riviera Resort.

We are also starting the timed walk here. I photograph the route, walk back and then time it without stops. I started here at 10:27 a.m. I walk at around a 3 mph pace and it does take me about 25 minutes.

A boat was waiting for guests.

There is artwork on the wall for the Disney Skyliner. I have not seen a projected completion date for this project.

Disney Skyliner artwork.

We are walking up the small hill here

A direction sign for the Epcot area resorts.

We are walking up through the stantions.

It is only a couple of minutes total to get to the bridge.

We are turning left here at the bridge, arriving at 10:29 a.m. If you wanted to walk straight, you’ll find Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club Resorts, and eventually you can still end up at Disney’s Hollywood Studios – it is just a longer walk. Disney’s Beach Club Resort is the closest of the resorts to Epcot, but these are all excellent. I spent 6 years as a Disney Authorized Travel Planner years ago and booked guests into these resorts all the time, especially for Festivals and events in Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Turning left as we will be walking over Crescent Lake.

The Walt Disney World Dolphin is in view. More obstructed here are the Walt Disney World Swan (left) and Disney’s Yacht Club (right). Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club Resorts are my favorite here, with a terrific pool area in Stormalong Bay (with a lazy river).

Walking over the bridge.

A boat heads under the bridge.

We are walking toward the Walt Disney World BoardWalk Resort area. I still remember in the 90s when I first walked out of the International Gateway, over 20 years ago. It was a huge “wow” moment and I never tire of walking here, I’ve taken this walk hundreds of times.

We are walking down now toward the BoardWalk.

A Friendship Boat travels by.

We are nearing Seabreeze Point, which is a smaller venue for weddings and such.

Seabreeze Point is actually pretty popular for weddings, so walking through it isn’t always an option.

The view here is really nice of the various resorts, including Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club.

Everything viewable here wil be along the walk to Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

This is the front of Seabreeze Point.

Now we are heading to the first section of the Walt Disney World BoardWalk, with the ESPN Club first up.

The view for the walk is gorgeous. In the summer months it can be very hot, so take advantage of the easy access to air conditioning, food and beverages here before the portion of the walk that offers few stops.

The ESPN Club is a popular place to watch sports, with 100 or so screens. There is a full menu of food and drinks here.

A hand with barbel above the ESPN Club.

Looking across Crescent Lake.

Ample Hills Creamery is next up on the left hand side.

We are passing by Ample Hills at 10:33 a.m., just 6 minutes after we started the walk. Ample Hills offers delicious hand crafted ice cream. The inside of the shop is really fun too.

On this day, this sign was outside the shop. The next day, there was a board featuring their limited edition Star Wars ice cream flavors.

Disney’s Yacht Club Resort across Crescent Lake.

Continuing along the BoardWalk.

The BoardWalk Bakery is very popular in the mornings especially. There are sandwiches, drinks, pastries and more. It is definitely worth a stop.

“Hue G. Krazont” is the proprietor.

Here is a quick look inside.

There is a photo booth along the way on the right hand side. I never took much notice of it until a niece of mine used it.

I used to order a lot from the Pizza Window here but haven’t much in years.

Options have changed here, it doesn’t show just slices without a combo but I assume you could still order one. There are whole pizzas that make a good option for families at a reasonable price and a salad is offered on the menu.

I was walking in the morning, and this is a listing of what is available for breakfast in the BoardWalk area. The Belle Vue Lounge is really nice for a relaxed setting.

There are seats across from the restaurants here for guests wanting to enjoy the water.

Trattoria al Forno is where Cat Cora’s Kouzzina was and before that, Spoodles. I have not been to Trattoria al Forno yet but will very soon for the Bon Voyage Adventure Breakfast. It is a character breakfast with royal couples.

We are going to be walking past the entrance to Disney’s BoardWalk Resort from the BoardWalk side – it is on the left, but we won’t be going in.

Before that, the AbracadaBar and Flying Fish are side by side. I have been to the AbracadaBar once and not since the 90s for the Flying Fish (over 20 years ago). There are so many restaurants on Walt Disney World property and I often prefer just go to back to my favorites. The Flying Fish was recently renovated.

There are surrey bikes to rent here.

This is the current cost of the surrey bikes. There are some modest hills around Crescent Lake and the bikes take some effort on them.

Promenade Pier is where guests can take a Friendship Boat to Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Epcot area resorts from the BoardWalk.

There are a variety of stands with food and such along the BoardWalk. I am not showing all of them and many are more likely to be open later in the day. The BoardWalk also has nighttime entertainment. Daytime is often quiet here, the night is more lively.

A Friendship Boat picks up guests.

To the left and just behind the tree is the BoardWalk entrance to the resort. Disney’s BoardWalk Resort has an Inn side and a DVC Villas side. There is also a restroom near here, the Wyland Galleries and the Luna Park pool area for the resort within just a minutes walk or so.

The photo walk is continued on page 2.