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Knick’s Knacks Pixar Shop at Disney California Adventure Opens at Upcoming Pixar Pier (Photos and Video)

Hi everyone!

While we were at the Disneyland Resort for Pixar Fest, Knick’s Knacks (formerly Treasures in Paradise) – a Pixar themed shop on what will be officially Pixar Pier beginning June 23rd, 2018 – opened to guests. Situated across from Cove Bar (soon to be Lamplight Lounge), the shop features a plethora of concept art to look at, merchandise and more. Some of the apparel is branded for Disneyland, and I felt like we’d be seeing it at Walt Disney World – and it is! This article was updated April 26th with a photo below from Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

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The outside of Knick’s Knacks can be hard to notice right now since construction walls are around it.

I just happened to notice the shop open, and the first thing I saw was a Pixar Fest display. There was nothing at this table I hadn’t seen before, but that wasn’t the case with a lot of the store.

Here is our video, and then the rest of the article!

This is a large wall of concept art, there is concept art all over the store – I would not be surprised to see Photopass here taking pictures eventually while the wall craze continues.

There is a cash register location at the middle of the shop.

A lot of the t-shirts I hadn’t yet seen, but I don’t expect most if any to be exclusive to Knick’s Knacks.

I posted originally with this article that I felt like I was seeing the future of Toy Story Land merchandise at Walt Disney World. In some ways that ended up to be quickly true once I returned to our Florida parks, though the merchandise is all branded for Walt Disney World – not Toy Story Land specifically. I have seen almost all of the park branded merchandise now at Walt Disney World (at Disney Springs and Disney’s Hollywood Studios).

Green aliens under a Mickey hat.

Here is the Walt Disney World version, I found it at Disney’s Hollywood Studios on April 26th.

Back of a Disneyland sweatshirt.

Most of this particular merchandise says, “I played at Disneyland Resort”.

Buzz and Woody with the aliens.

This is an adult tank which is really fun.

Disney Parks alien socks.

Back to the rest of the merchandise and artwork, this is another display for Pixar Fest.

Buzz Lightyear.


Concept art runs the gamut of all the Pixar films, including “Up”.

There is an Art on Demand station here.

I had not seen almost any of these shirts before, though I expect they are mostly available now elsewhere too.

I like the Wall-E jacket.

I Think She’s Incredible shirt, there is a matching one too.

My Family is Incredible.

Grape Soda t-shirt.

Mike Wazowski hat.

I Only Have Eye for You Mike Wazowski shirt.

Spud Muffin.

The Finding Nemo merchandise was overall not new to me.

2018 Pixar Fest hat.

She’s My Greatest Adventure and He’s My Greatest Adventure t-shirts.

An artist drawing Coco characters.

Art for sale.

More concept art, first Ratatouille.

Buzz Lightyear.

Carl and Ellie.

Flik and Atta.

Mike and Sulley.

And a variety of concept art.

I will add the video to my article once it is up! There is a lot more merchandise and art around the store, which is sure to be very popular with guests as Pixar Pier nears opening and as Pixar Fest continues (through September 3rd, 2018).