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Ray Rush at Aquatica Opens; Photos and Video of New Family Raft Ride

Hi everyone!

Ray Rush is now open at Orlando’s Aquatica park, a new family raft ride for guests 42″ and over.  We had the opportunity to ride during a media preview morning, and have a POV video and a few photos to share. As someone who doesn’t spend much time on water slides and was nervous, I found the ride itself tame as far as dropping – fun but family friendly. The highlight for many guests is going to be the manta ray half-pipe. I wasn’t sure how far up we’d be going in it, so I kept my eyes closed during that part. Apparently we didn’t get as high as some guests do as we only had two people in our raft. The ending of the ride is gentle as well.

I first visited Aquatica for a preview in 2008 when it was opening (Aquatica is now 10 years old!), and it is my favorite water park in the Orlando area due in large part to Roa’s Rapids, I can’t think of a better water attraction anywhere. Readers of the Orlando Sentinel agree, it was recently voted “Best Water Park”. But Aquatica also keeps expanding its offerings, and Ray Rush is going to be a big hit for families. There are six stories of stairs, but no raft to carry up as the rafts head up a conveyor belt on their own.

Ray Rush entrance photo.

Here is our POV video of Ray Rush.

Aquatica says about Ray Rush, The nearly 60-foot tall attraction brings family and friends together as they take on three exciting slide elements in rafts that seat up to four riders. First, riders will be launched with powerful water jets designed to propel the rafts into the first of several enclosed tube sections. Next, riders enter a giant translucent sphere, rocking back and forth as waves of water swirl around them. Finally, riders will drop into the attraction’s signature element, an open-air halfpipe that resembles the shape of a manta ray.

Learn more about Ray Rush and ticket options here. But check out all the other attractions you can find at Aquatica at that link too, it is really a terrific full-day water park for the whole family, with thrilling water slides and also areas for the little ones. And like Ray Rush and Roa’s Rapids, there are attractions for families to enjoy together.